Things to Know Before Pursuing Degree Courses in Hotel and Hospitality Management

Things to Know Before Pursuing Degree Courses in Hotel and Hospitality Management

The two terms that literally is ingrained in the Indian culture and Hindu-philosophy is ‘AtithiDevoVabo’ and ‘AtithiSatkar’, which means the guest is a manifestation of God and we should be as welcoming and caring towards them as much we can. As hospitality is so much valued in the country, it has emerged as the key industry in the subcontinent. There are a number of hospitality management courses and degrees available in India to fill this need. But students out there often get confused when it comes to choosing between hotel management and a hospitality management degree. Often these two courses are used interchangeably but whereas, it should not. Though both hotel management and hospitality management deal with the service sector, they are quite different from each other. By reading this article, we believe, you will be able to get your facts clear.


Hospitality Management

As the term suggests ‘Hospitality’ involves taking care of the guest or visitor and essentially it is not restricted to the hotel alone but could be anywhere. Students of hospitality management can have a wider choice of employment options than a hotel management student. In fact, many MNCs and some of the larger IT companies employ hospitality management professionals to coordinate guest arrivals, meetings, dining, and departure, while at their premises. The ‘Travel and Tourism’ industry as well looks to hire professionals from hospitality, of which hotel management is a significant branch. In a nutshell, Hospitality is a broader term that encompasses industries such as hotel and conference management, sales, business development, events and so on.


Hospitality Degree Programme

The hospitality industry is indeed all set to achieve greater significance and fast developing into a lucrative career provider in today’s era of globalization. Today a training course in hospitality management enables an aspirant to climb the ladder of success in only a few years of work experience. The training generally encompasses various aspects of the business of hotel-related industry, travel and tourism related industry and housekeeping and catering in the Hospitality industry (including customer care executives). A decent full-fledged Hotel Management baccalaureate programs are expected to provide students with instruction in hotel administration, food service, and marketing. Typically, a high school diploma or the equivalent is necessary for admission to a bachelor’s degree program. In some cases, students who have already earned relevant associate’s degrees may enter these programs and graduate in two years, based on their previous experience.


Job Prospects

After completing a bachelor’s course in hospitality management, graduates can get a job in the sectors such as airline and railway travel, conferences and conventions centers, travel agencies, tourist offices and ministries of tourism, tour operators, spas and wellness centers, cruise companies, event management, museums, and other cultural venues, and the list hardly gets an end. There is end number of jobs waiting for welcoming the hospitality management graduates who are enough skilled and proficient.


Hotel Management

Hotel Management is focused on managing all aspects related to the functioning of a hotel. From the time a guest arrives at a hotel to the time he checks out, the responsibility of all activities during the guest’s stay in the hotel forms part of Hotel Management. The hotel industry is a crucial part of the hospitality industry with huge growth potential in the near future. The demand for hotel management professionals is already huge and is expected to grow more with the increasing number of hotels being set up in India and all over the world. Apart from its glamour, a career in hotel management has become lucrative and exciting, attracting more and more students to opt for it.


Hotel Management Degree Programme

Hotel Management baccalaureate programs provide students with instruction in hotel administration, food service, and marketing. The curriculum in a baccalaureate program in hotel management focuses on hotel administration and hospitality but could be expanded to culinary arts, cruise ship operations, and casino operations. Programs might teach some of the more technical aspects of hotel management. They emphasize the importance of problem-solving skills and offer hands-on learning opportunities.


Job Prospects

An individual who intends to pursue or already have obtained a degree in Hotel Management can expect jobs in areas such as housekeeping, room service, travel desk, health and spa, travel desk, guest services and so on. Although this field doesn’t offer a wide array of career options, one who is ardently determined to earn a decent career in the field of hotel and its management, this course indeed is appropriate for them.


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