IIT Bombay launches M.Tech Programme In Educational Technology

IIT Bombay launches M.Tech Programme In Educational Technology

Educational Technology (ET) is an interdisciplinary field, which lends itself to collaboration with researchers from varied disciplines to develop technologies supporting existing educational practices as well as to create technology-enhanced learning. With its Ph.D. programme well established since 2010, the Interdisciplinary Programme (IDP) in Educational Technology or ET at IIT Bombay has announced the launch of a new M.Tech degree program and will welcome their first Master’s students in the Fall of 2019. 


According to a statement from the Institute, the programme will screen learners from a diverse background with serious and core interest in improving learning and teaching using technology. 


The broad objective of the M.Tech programme is to build specialized ET workforce with student expertise in theories of learning and pedagogy; analysis, design, effective implementation and evaluation of learning environments; instructional design; research methodologies; translating research into practice, and working collaboratively on complex interdisciplinary projects. 


IIT Bombay is one of the few premier institutes in the country with a strong ET programme, working towards improving teaching and learning in education


Explaining the role of his department, Prof. Sridhar Iyer, Head of the Department at ET shared, “With a strong interdisciplinary focus, our Department contributes towards developing innovative research-based solutions for improving student learning and engagement. We emphasize on learning of abstract thinking skills, the creation of large-scale blended and online learning programs, development of emerging technologies for education, and learning analytics; all grounded in theories of learning sciences.” 


The 2-year programme will constitute course work, covering some integral areas of study such as emerging educational technologies, research methods & statistics, designing learning environments, adaptive learning; an 8-week long summer field work for a holistic perspective of various disciplines involved in the domain, and understand their interplay through practical experience and a project work.


 “Through our M. Tech program, we hope to contribute towards meeting the escalated need of qualified ET experts in research labs, curriculum design roles in schools/ colleges, industries for creating educational applications, training departments for online and remote trainings, and content creator industries for creation of technology-enhanced learning material and field implementation works,” shared Prof. Iyer.


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