How to apply for a scholarships to study abroad Dos & Donts

How to apply for a scholarships to study abroad : Do’s and Don’ts

Before pursuing an international education, there are certain factors a student should consider. Factors like scholarships. These days many Indian students are giving preference to abroad study over Indian higher education due to the complicated and competitive nature of the Indian system. However, there are many students who often back down from the decision to study abroad due to financial uncertainties. They do not search enough for scholarships that could change their fate for the better. Some students are so unlucky that even after applying for scholarships, they fall back in the queue of receivers because they do not follow the simple things. Students succeed in getting scholarships because they follow the right procedures without ignoring simple things. They do the simple things that can cause great impacts.


Getting a scholarship is not as easy as you might think and to get a scholarship for studying abroad to require a long and careful search. ‘How to apply for a scholarship’ plays the most important role among all the procedures.


For Indian students, there are many government and private organizations that offer scholarships. Prior to applying to these organizations, students should follow certain ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ to get full benefits of scholarships.


DO’s before applying for Scholarships


1. Utilizing all available resources is the foremost factor for getting a scholarship. You might find many scholarship opportunities or you might find not a single scholarship opportunity at the beginning of your search, which is, of course, a challenging scenario. But if you search thoroughly on the internet and offline, you are bound to know about some organizations that provide scholarships to students for abroad studies. Least of all, the college/university/school in which you are going to study will definitely provide one scholarship opportunity to you.


2. Do not skip the reading part. You should read the terms and conditions and understand them. Consulting your parents and teachers would be a better idea. They will guide you. In case they fail to understand, then visit a reputed consultancy to know more.


3. Maintain a database to remind yourself about the documents like personal identification cards, education qualification certificates, extra-curricular achievement certificates, work experience documents (if any), health certificates etc. You need to keep copies of these documents with you for submitting them to the scholarship’s office.


4. The first impression is the last impression. So when you are submitting the application for the scholarship, make sure you have given your best in writing the application.


5. Do give importance to small scale organizations for availing scholarships. There are many organizations that provide students with scholarships to study abroad.


6. Have positive thoughts about getting a scholarship. Your thoughts are your attraction to what you want.


Dont’s before applying for Scholarships


1. Start applying for scholarships as soon as you can. If you have decided to pursue post-graduation and you are yet to complete under-graduation, then do not wait. Start your research works and note down the details of the organizations that provide scholarships.


2. If you think that only meritorious students get scholarships, then you’re wrong. Scholarships are given to students based on their extracurricular activities, hobbies, interest on music, geographic, religious and ethnic afflictions.


3. Do not pay any registration fees. In case you get to know about a scholarship opportunity that asks registration fees, do not make a move forward. These are mostly scams.


4. Do not stop applying and don’t delay. You will decrease your chances of getting a scholarship if you do so. You might face rejection from one organization, but do not lose hope. Apply to all the scholarship opportunities that you are eligible for.


Courtesy: The Higher Education Review


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