Essential 7 skills for Students

7 survival skills required for the students community:

We may not know exactly what lies ahead for our students in the future, but we have the advantage of knowing what skills they will need once they get there. Here are the 7 survival skills of the 21st century, along with how they may look being purposefully applied in a classroom.


Here are some of the 7 Skills Students Will Always Need


1. Adaptive Thinking: 

In this contemporary world, things are changing at exponential rates. Science and technology are developing at a fast pace where different kinds of inventions are taking place every day. By the time employees learn about the latest technology the better version is about to release. Therefore upcoming employees have to be very adaptive to adjust to the changing conditions as well as should be able to pick up things easily. Therefore students must be taught adaptive thinking pattern.


2. Communication Skills: 

Communication skill is one of the main skills that every student must have. Digital world gives us a lot of advantage to access to a wide variety of new ways to communicate from video conferencing to social media. Future employees should be able to communicate with their team members as well as the clients and people outside the organization.


3. Collaboration Skills: 

Formal education always promotes a culture of competition and independence rather than one of teamwork and collaboration. Future employees must be able to work in a team as the corporate world or any other organization follows the team culture of working. Therefore the employees much are quick enough to adapt to a culture of collaboration. They will need to collaborate with others within and outside of the organization, often using a number of new technologies.


4. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills: 

The competitive world demands a critical thinker and a problem solver. Therefore every organization emphasizes on employers thinking critically and solving problems so that they can solve problems, provide ideas and help to improve the organization.


5. Personal Management: 

This includes the ability for employers to independently plan, organize, create and execute, rather than wait for someone to do this for them.


6. Technology Skills: 

In this modern world, every firm seeks employees who have basic technology skills. Therefore every school and colleges have to lay more emphasis on technological skills as technology has occupied each and every sphere of our life. 


7. Soft Skills: 

Soft skills are the given least importance in our education system. Skills, including such as time management skills, organizational skills, the ability to look someone in the eyes when talking to them, or using a firm handshake are not even included in our regular college syllabus. Such skill seems to be disappearing from our syllabus.  


The above mentioned 7 skills are very important for future employees if he/she wants to survive in the corporate world. Therefore every college much lay emphasizes these skills to help students to help themselves in the future.


Courtesy: TOI


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