Modern Education System : A Gift or a Curse?

A quality education helps students to become good human beings. It turns their weaknesses into strengths and it enhances their academic ability, artistic ability, athletic ability, and all other extracurricular abilities so that they can perform magnificently in life.


The ancient teaching methods that used to prevail in the modern brick and mortar buildings changed synchronously with the advent of technology in education. It’s indeed a needful change that happened. Till the last decade, the Indian education system used to give importance solely on the academic performance of a student. But when technology intervened into the education sector, the outlook of many educational institutions changed. Most of the institutions made drastic changes in their curriculum and teaching methodology. The changes that the institutions incorporated in the modern education system have proved to be beneficial for the students.


You will find that every 2 students out of 10 students of a class have a problem of ‘not studying’. Think about your classmates who don’t study. You will also find that most of them are good in other activities like sports, dance, music or arts. In that case, can you categorize them as ‘not-intelligent’ or ‘dumb’?


So where does the loophole hide? The loophole is hiding in the education system itself. Despite acknowledging the fact that every student is unique, it is educating every single student equally and thereby contradicting its own claims. Research suggests that around 15.7 percent of the Indian students have learning difficulties and they are diagnosed with ‘Learning Disabilities’. For this reason, there should be strategies adopted by the private institutions and the public institution that could change the course of learning in favor of the students with learning disabilities. This will not only make the lives of the students better, but it will also be a relief for the teachers that shout and get a sore throat. Let’s look into some of the modern teaching-learning techniques and strategies adopted by the schools and colleges to make the teaching-learning process easy for everyone under the same roof.


The Pros of the Modern Education System


The loophole of the education system cannot be nullified easily. At the beginning of the 21st century, modern classrooms saw the introduction of smart-classes. The teachers started teaching with the help of a giant screen and projectors. This became a gift to many students who had difficulties on memorizing the spoken words or dictations.


Before the interception of smart-classes, most of the private schools and public schools adopted dictation as their primary tool for imparting knowledge. This created a lot of confusion among many students with Learning Disabilities. However, the introduction of smart classes somewhat made learning easy for them through pictorial representations and it became interactive.


This was the first step towards educating students with learning disabilities and make education fun and easy for everyone. Since then, the modern education system has come a long way to strengthen its framework. Currently, there are learning software, digital devices, and mobile applications, etc. that are creating pathways for education to reach every single learner who simply dislikes learning. The schools are now providing personal laptops, mobiles, and tablets to students to create a pinnacle of interest in learning and acquiring knowledge among the students.


There is still one fault of traditional classroom learning. It does not focus on students individually. There are students who cannot understand the instructions clearly. Therefore, it becomes difficult for them to match the pace at which they are supposed to learn. The e-learning methods adopted by schools and colleges have decreased the intensity of this problem, but there’s still a long way to go to make the modern education system perfect so that the students with learning difficulties can understand everything clearly.


The Cons of Modern Education System


No system is flawless, and so is the modern education system. In traditional campus learning, the students get to stay in hostels and they get a chance of collaborating with the teachers anytime they want. They receive the thoughts and knowledge of the teachers directly and in a friendly manner. This helps them a lot in their growth.


Because of the traditional campus learning system, students have ample chances to make new friends and learn from them. They get the opportunity to share their thoughts during tough hours. There’s less chance for them to get depressed or detached from learning as the environment of classrooms is always full of positive energies. It is also observed that just by talking to their classmate’s students often realize what their aim in life is; what they actually want to become in life or what goals they want to achieve. And after realizing that, they get highly enthusiastic and they fight for the goals wholeheartedly.


The campus life for a student is a golden part of its life! No matter what the modern education system suggests, one should never miss this part. Of course, the new technologies will be there on campus life too! Overall, the students with learning difficulties will have a great life with the intersection of technology in college and school campuses.


Courtesy: The Higher Education Review


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