Is dress code mandatory inside campuses

Is dress code mandatory inside campuses?

Implementation of dress code and restriction on certain outfits in universities and colleges can be upsetting for students. Such decisions evoke a sharp response.


Freedom makes it comfortable I remember during my college days at IIT Madras, I used to attend classes and other college events in shorts and t-shirts. A formal dress code was expected only on particular occasions, such as conference and placement interviews. I am happy that the institute gave us the freedom to choose what we wore and there was no dress code. – Rajeev R Tripathi, assistant professor, IIM-Bangalore.


Uncalled for

Higher educational institutions are evaluated on the basis of its scientific temper, quality of education, an exercise of reason, rationality and its contribution towards society. Individual preference for dresses in the institutions should hardly bother the authorities. At a time when post-material and self-expressionist discourse is dominating the HEIs around the world, there is a proclivity to go beyond the trivial issues such as restrictions on dressing as per one’s choice. The authorities should pay heed to strengthen the intellectual environment rather than setting codes for external appearance.

– Ankur Jyoti Bhuyan, research scholar, Centre for Political Studies, School of Social Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University


Sense of belongingness

Colleges have their own decorum and rules that must be followed by every individual. It’s true that everyone has a different sense of style and taste. However, when you belong to and represent an institution, it is important that you follow the rules. Dress code, to a certain level, brings uniformity among students. Therefore, I feel it’s okay to have a dress code in colleges. It brings a sense of belongingness among students.

– Leora Jose, student, Stella Maris College, Chennai


Dress code brings mannerism

A dress code does not bring uniformity but gives a distinct mannerism to students. Dressing up modestly is really important for students. Most students get distracted because of flashy dressing. We do not really need a dress code, but there should be some restrictions. Dresses, short skirts, jeans, track pants, and sleeveless tops are not allowed on several campuses. However, rules can be bent at the time of the party and farewell.

– Gayathri, student, Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai


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