Combination of law and management Latest trend in business education

Combination of law and management : Latest trend in business education.

How beneficial is an MBA after law?

How advantageous is an MBA after LLB is the most enquired query among contemporary youth? Combination of law and management is one of the latest trends in business education. What avenues would an MBA degree open to a law graduate and instead of pursuing a Masters in Law would it be a good thought to go for MBA.   


The advantage of pursuing an MBA after Law

Both law and an MBA degree can help professionals build expertise in either field. In this increasingly globalized economy, the combination of both the degree can take one’s career to a different height. The income will be also superior to a normal law or a management degree. An MBA degree after B.Com may not be more demandable than as pursuing it with a combination like the law.


MBA promising more opportunities for Law graduates

An MBA degree can put a cherry on the top for the law graduates. Let’s see what more an MBA degree can add to a law graduate:

1. An MBA degree can help in self-development by increasing intellectual stimulation and self-confidence.

2. A Law degree can give you the opportunity for individual working only while an MBA degree may give you the opportunity to manage others in the organization.

3. It will open the pate for high financial returns.

4. An MBA degree may give you more potential network.

5. An MBA and law degree may help you to become a good decision maker in any organization.

6. You can also become a legal consultant in any big organization ranging from IT firms to Hospitals. 

7. You can also become an in-house legal counsel for a global company.


MBA can be a Game Changer

The commercial sector welcomes the talent mix of law and MBA qualification as it is a rare degree combination. Further, lawyers in the corporate sector also should have the basic knowledge of various issues that are critical in the sector in regard to securities, insider trading, company, arbitration, and takeover.


Only a Law degree may not meet the future requirements

MBA hook up the knowledge gap by bringing management and law together. The MBA courses may lay importance on the management skill but are less aware of the company, labor, industrial and commercial law. This gap cannot be filled even by a senior management employee.

As the more complications are increasing day by day a law graduate cannot handle such case with just one single degree. Therefore MBA act as a bonus point for the Law graduates as it increases the knowledge in both the field.


MBA after law can turn you to a business tycoon

A legal representative can give a new outlook to an MBA programme. An MBA degree can help you to set up your own law firm as it is always good to start a legal firm with a business perspective. An MBA degree can be very much helpful for a law firm as it will provide a priceless business counsel.


Sectors that you can join

Corporate sector needs more Law professionals with a combination of MBA. The annual salary structure goes as high as Rs 30-40 lakh.  Major sectors needing these professionals are  Manufacturing; Service Industries; Government & PSUs; FMCG; Infrastructure; Education; Healthcare; Retail; Tourism & hospitality; Automobile; Banking; Finance; Insurance and many more.


Where you can pursue MBA after Law

There are various private and government institutions providing 2 years full-time MBA programme. All the 13 IIMs and other top rated B schools like SPJIMR, MDI, IMT, IMI, BIMTECH, Great Lakes, TAPMI, LIBA, IFMR, XLRI, XIM offer admissions to Law graduates in their MBA Programme.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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