Startups like Freshworks, uLektz, Chargebee by the ex employees of Zoho are contributing to making Chennai a SaaS hub of India

Startups like Freshworks, uLektz, Chargebee by the ex- employees of Zoho are contributing to making Chennai a SaaS hub of India

Startup sector has experienced a revolution in Chennai for a SaaS based hub of India. Zoho is one of the largest contributors by offering a suite of SaaS applications for businesses.


Parallel to the systematic structure for any form of business with the delinquent to application-based structures, Startups like Fresh works, uLektz and Chargebee, Survey Sparrow etc. established by the former employees of Zoho are determined to deliver best to make Chennai as a SaaS based hub of our nation likewise Bangalore is recognized as Silicon Valley of India. A one stop solution to all the glitches and arrangement that one could contemplate with the facility or framework for any systematic and technology-based business structure. Now the question is how these business startups are contributing to renovate Chennai as a SaaS founded hub of India. Let’s first have an ephemeral understanding about such brands in marketplace. 



Fresh works creates solutions for support and sales, to engage with and delight both customers and employees.  Freshdesk, a Cloud-based customer-support software firm, has been re-branded as Fresh works, which will be the parent company bringing together its suite of business software products.



uLektz is a first-of-its-kind SaaS-based platform designed to be the operating system for higher education. uLektz is like ZOHO for Education. It provides a suite of applications ranging from Learning Management System, Educational ERP and Social Learning Platform to Marketplace of apps offering resources and services for Education, Skill Development and Careers. uLektz aims to address the problem of unemployment and underemployment of fresh graduates by providing easy-to-use seamlessly integrated suite of apps for all the needs of students, educators and institutions of higher education. Some of the products offered by uLektz are uLektz Campus, uLektz Connect, uLektz Books, uLektz Skills, uLektz Preps, uLektz Interns, uLektz Jobs and uLektz News.

uLektz provides SaaS-based software solution with white-label mobile apps to colleges and universities to:

  • Enable digital education for learning and campus management. 
  • Connect students and educators across institutions for sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise 
  • Profile students using AI and offer them 360-degree personalized guidance and appropriate resources and services for education, skills and careers through its built-in marketplace. 



Chargebee’s subscription management platform powers end-to-end recurring billing for subscription businesses with its fully computerized SaaS billing solution.


Survey Sparrow:

Survey Sparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, Survey Sparrow empowers users to generate and share exceedingly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience.


The name list for such computer-based application support services has many more startups who are determined with unsurpassed tech-based services to brand Chennai as a Saas based hub which may comprise Secureden, Fcilio, Hippo video, Yalli Bizapp , Edmingle, Secureden, Quartrinch , Voonik,, Hexnode, Startpix, Bevywise, and so on. They are growing their business crossways the world. The Saas based industry in Chennai has come up as a paradise in engendering revenue over a billion dollars along with adding employment to 10000 people. 


The emphasis and the right direction of these startups have made Chennai a largest setup of SaaS based organization with the rapid pace in generating work along with adding revenue and source of employment. The day is not Far where we will see that, across the globe Chennai will have some identical brand name as SaaS based city and will be recognized profoundly in the business sector with innovative dimensions to attract ways of making more business.


Courtesy: Inventiva


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