Career opportunities in IT Infrastructure Management Services Industry

Career opportunities in IT Infrastructure Management Services Industry

“IT industry is promising to pay double the salary to freshers if they are skilled in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Full Stack Development, DevOps, Business Analytics”


Every year IT industry floats, Balloons of Jargons to confuse itself, the universities and the graduates.


It’s obvious that the Industry is promising to pay double the money to people who are just not there because no fresher will have these skill sets.


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Equally obvious if somebody is skilled in ML, DL, DS, and Full Stack why should he or she join this company.


They will not need campus placement facilities and would be already working in US with possibly 5 times the salary!


Students should not waste their time chasing these dream bubbles and balloons!


We believe that one must have foundation skills in any one of the following 3 IT job roles.


  • Programming with mastery over UI development
  • Analytics with mastery over Statistics, Databases, and Mathematics
  • Cloud technology with mastery over Operating Systems, Networking & Security


Get skilled as a programmer, or as a Data scientist or a Cloud Expert.


Jobs will chase you!


Employment opportunity

Essential IT skills in the era of Cloud IoT & AI, India needs to create an army of skilled professionals to work in the IT Infrastructure Management Services Industry. The World needs 10 Million IT IMS professionals to run the digital world, which is going to breathe zeros & ones



A unique skill training platform called TestOut perfectly meets all the above requirements.

TestOut LabSim provides 24 X 7 simulated labs, Video training programs & demonstrations, Quizzes, Student tracker, Exam prep, Webinars and hands-on exercises online, providing the students a unique opportunity to acquire skills Hands-on. Lab simulations give you real-world experience performing critical tasks. All these are available on a browser saving money for the college. The students can access the LabSim on any smart phone or tablet computer. Practice makes students professionals ready for deployment.


Complex and industry-leading labs costing $30,000 hardware, software, and networking are replicated in a simulator. LabSim also allows the College to monitor every individual student’s performance. Most significantly participants are allowed to learn at their own pace and acquire measurable skills.


Recruiters will have a detailed skill-map report of every individual student as LabSim ensures students acquire the skills necessary to solve scenario-based problems; there are no multiple choice questions and theoretical presentations.


TestOut has an inbuilt Learning Management Solution providing control to the college/recruiters


Courtesy: CA Ravikumar P (DnA – Digiterati)


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