Kerala higher education council to make use of the expertise of retired academicians

Kerala state higher education council is planning to make use of the expertise of retired academicians by creating a repository of subject experts and academic scholars who are willing to share their invaluable knowledge with the student’s community.


Academic brilliance of teachers during their post-retirement period seldom gets shared with young students. “Our education system doesn’t allow institutions to keep in their rolls academicians after they cross a certain age. But age is not a barrier in terms of transpiring knowledge. Ours is an attempt to track illuminated minds in academic circles and outside and help young students to have a glimpse of the insightful knowledge the scholars could share with them,” sources in the council said.


In the present context of new regulations by UGC, a number of established scholars in academics who retire at the age of 56 or 60 are completely cut off from academic institutions, without even supervising research activities. A great amount of expertise, experiential resource, and valuable knowledge remain untapped for the benefit of students, teachers and higher education institutions. If the knowledge of these scholars could be utilized in a fruitful manner by providing them with an ambiance to update themselves and to make their knowledge available to higher education institutions, it would positively impact teaching, learning, and research in these institutions.


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“At present, our focus is on academicians who have to their credit impressive number of publications and are recognized widely for their contributions in the field. But we don’t intend to limit the repository with such scholars or brilliant subject experts outside the education system. There are several other teachers with impressive teaching experience. We would try to tap their potential as well. Once the repository is ready, higher education institutions in the state would be able to avail the service of such experts. This would help establish a rich talent pool, which would otherwise be lost unused,” said the council vice chairman Rajan Gurukkal.


The knowledge of members in the ‘academic volunteer bank’ may be utilized by higher education institutions in the form of interactions, talks, classes, etc. They could even offer specialized courses on demand from other institutions.


Courtesy: TOI


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