PhD in india : Scope and eligibilty criteria

Doctor of Philosophy is the highest level of university degree a student can ever accomplish.Though some universities allow students to pursue PhD directly,it is usually followed by masters degree.

Some institutions provide opportunity to fast-track  master’s degree to a PhD in case if the candidate possess the necessary grades, knowledge, and skills and research abilities. Candidates will be awarded PhD, a globally recognized degree after the submission of thesis or dissertation, based on extensive and original research in their chosen field.


Why a PhD is so important?

A PhD is possibly the most imperative degree in the world. It is the most priceless asset that an aspiring academician can have. PhD research will help to perk up your capability to comprehend and solve problems, increase your self-confidence, make yourself a better communicator and gain skills that may lead to a better job, even in numerous fields apart from academics. It is an underpinning that can guide to the publishing of papers, awarding of grants and other kinds of acknowledgment by your peers. Significantly, it is a UGC requirement for teachers in universities to be promoted to associate professor.

Most PhDs are cost-effective to obtain. There is not much spending concerned, and research fellowships and grants are accessible. Commitment, time and hard work are the main investments, and if you are willing to undergo the stress and effort involved, you will be well rewarded. Working on a PhD is a sign that you are taking ownership of your skilled life and taking accountability for the expansion of your educational career.  It is more vital for you than for the institution you work for.


What are the basic requirements for a PhD in India?

According to rule, the minimum duration for completing your PhD in India is 3 years from the date of your admission provided you fulfil all the requirement and formalities of PhD degree in this tenure and your research work is sufficient and justified enough to be awarded a PhD degree. The minimum requirement for entry to an Indian PhD is a Masters degree in a relevant subject, usually with an overall grade of at least 55% (or the equivalent). The aspirant should also clear the research eligibility test and interviews to get admission in applied university. 


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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