New Draft National Education Policy: Urges immediate closure of private teacher training institutes

New draft National Education Policy of the HRD Ministry has recommended urgent closure of private Teacher training institutes as these institutes are identified to be infested with ‘mediocrity’ and ‘rampant corruption. It even recommended replacing these with an integrated Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.) programme to be offered by universities. Citing that the ‘future of the nation is at stake’, it insisted the closure of the private teacher training institutes on “mission mode” backed with a sound legal approach by the constitution of quasi-judicial body by the government to ensure its effective implementation.


“It must be carried out urgently because the future of the nation is truly at stake on this matter. If we let such fake colleges remain functional, the fundamentals of our schools, and the integrity and credibility of the teacher education system cannot be restored,” it states.


Space scientist K. Kasturirangan heads the govt appointed panel

The draft policy prepared by the government -appointed panel headed by eminent space scientist K. Kasturirangan said the teacher education sector has been beleaguered with “mediocrity as well as rampant corruption due to commercialisation”.


“Most institutions today providing teacher education are small colleges in the private sector that offer only a single narrow programme, and where there is a general lack of commitment to the need for rigour and quality in teacher preparation,” it says.


By 2023, India will have an educationally sound teacher preparation programme in operation

The draft policy, emphasises that by 2023, the country should only have the educationally sound teacher preparation programmes in operation, developing professionally competent teachers — all others must be shut down. It has been uploaded on the MHRD’s website for the public to provide suggestions, says the action to close down such institutions will have to be taken “with energy and will, in the face of every resistance”.


“The progress on this mission will be reviewed by National Higher Education Regulatory Authority (NHERA) every three months and by Rashtriya Shiksha Ayog (RSA) every six months,” it further adds.


The two bodies will be created by the Centre once the policy comes into place.


Majority of standalone teacher training institutes are just selling degrees

Quoting the report of the Supreme Court’s high-powered Justice Verma Commission (JVC) on teacher education 2012, the report adds that a majority of standalone teacher training institutes are just selling degrees.


“A majority of these standalone teaching institutes — over 10,000 in number — are not even attempting serious teacher education, but are essentially selling degrees for a price.”


Arguing that the standalone teacher education institutions cannot build the kind of varied faculty that good teacher education needs, the draft policy recommends transitioning to four-year multidisciplinary B.Ed. programme.


“The four-year integrated BEd will, by 2030, become the minimal degree qualification for school teachers. All pre-service teacher education programmes will henceforth be offered only in multi-disciplinary higher educational institutions to satisfy the modern requirements of the teaching profession, and to give teachers the multidisciplinary exposure and education necessary to become outstanding teachers,” the draft says.


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National Testing Agency (NTA) to conduct the aptitude test

The aptitude test to for the admission to this programme would be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). “This is in keeping with the principle of separating Board Examinations from official university entrance examinations, while the full criteria and process for admissions will be left to the universities and colleges offering these programmes,” the draft policy added.


It further recommended each higher education institutes offering the four-year integrated BEd to also design a two-year BEd. on its campus, for outstanding students who have already received a Bachelor’s degree and wish to pursue teaching.




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