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US Embassy set to launch an app for Indian Students

Students enrolling for US universities can get all information related to admissions through an App lauched by American embassy.


The Embassy has also planned a number of other measures for the benefit of the Indian students wanting to study in the US, whose economy has already been benefited to the tune of $7.5 billion from the Indian students’ money.


“We want the authentic information on US universities to be available to the Indian students,” Karl M. Adam, Deputy Cultural Affairs officer in the Embassy said while launching the Education USA India mobile application which will provide comprehensive and accurate information on studying in the US.


He said the Embassy has combined all Education USA information into one Facebook page.


At present, the EducationUSA has seven student advising centres in India — Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, Adam said.


“We are looking to expand the number of these centres. We are also researching to build a network of credible agents to disseminate authentic information on the US education system and help the students with their application process,” he added.


The Indian students have contributed $7.5 billion to the US’ economy directly, according to the Embassy officials.


As per the estimates, Indian students represent over 17 per cent of the total international student population in the US, the second largest community in US followed by China.


The Embassy officials said the US has a million international students and one out of every 5 international students is an Indian.


The number of Indian students enrolling with the universities in the US has doubled in the last decade, they said.


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In 2018, 1,96,000 students were enrolled in the higher education institutions in the US. from India. This was a significant increase from 1,82,000 in 2017.


According to the officials at the embassy, the student visa approval rate is as high as 90 per cent.


Talking about the education system, Adam said the United States offers a multi-disciplinary approach to education at the University level.


“The universities follow a flexible approach to education and it is possible for the students to change their majors after getting admission. Seventy per cent international go to 300 schools in US but we have 4,700 accredited colleges to choose from.”


Courtesy: TOI


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