Is your foreign degree really worth it.

For the first time, number of international students from India has crossed 7, 52,725 in the year 2018. Students want to move to abroad for higher education, after completing their higher secondary, whereas reasons why Indians choose to study abroad vary.One may choose to study at a particular foreign university due to its high quality of education. while others may prefer to study abroad just because getting admission may be easier as compared to an Indian university. Despite all the above studying abroad provides a great opportunity to develop and strengthen interpersonal and intercultural skills and sets students apart in the job market.


 Indian Companies are eager to hire international graduates who are flexible and multilingual and already have some work with study experience. An International degree can give a boost to the career of students in many aspects by making them eligible for the Indian as well as the international job market. Resume, with foreign degree mentioned in it, is considered on the top while considering job applications in India. The reason behind it is that such students have experienced multi-cultural ambiance so they can adjust in any situation.


 The experience gained by interacting with new people and working with them are not taught in any classroom and this global perspective enhances skills and personality which gives the foreign degree holder an edge over the Indian college competitors. The research-based education represented by a foreign degree wins a point over the Indian degree which still owns the old system of education. Most well-known foreign universities emphasize on the practical mode of education. Hence internships, work with study, research and exchange programs are in a common routine for foreign universities. A foreign degree holder represents better knowledge of the global market, technology, and products. Most major companies in India look for human resource that can interact with global culture ending up giving more importance to international studies. While most Indian institutes fail to relate the relationship of the course with the job, foreign universities focus on providing a skill set to the students, due to which they are considered to be job ready, which helps the  Indian companies to cut down costs they would spend on training a new recruit.  Skills that students gain through part-time work are extremely valuable and reflect the pro-activeness of the students and all these positive traits are likely to boost work opportunities in India for foreign-degree folders.


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A foreign degree from a good university makes a CV stand out, but the degree will be a differentiator only if the brand name of the international university is strong, familiar and well-respected in the Indian industry. 31% percent of Indian companies hire only from only the top 10 institutes in the world. So, while two students may have the same degree, depending on where they earned those degrees Indian companies may judge them differently while making a job offer. Fortunately, in terms of growth and opportunities, the Indian economy looks much better than its western counterparts and there is demand for better. It is not to be mistaken that the Indian degree is not of value. But with the growth of the global market and globalization taking over the Indian market, the foreign degree holders have an upper hand in India.




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