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BA journalism and BA sociology emerges as most popular courses in DU admission

BA journalism and BA sociology emerges as most  sought after courses in Delhi Univeristy. Though BA (Honours) English has got maximum applicants, it is BA (Honours) Journalism which has the highest number of applicants per seat among the most popular programmes — with 367 applicants vying for each seat.


Registration to UG programmes closed Saturday, and the 10 courses with the highest number of applicants are BA (Honours) English; BA (Honours) Political Science; BA Programme; BA (Honours) Economics; BA (Honours) History; BA (Honours) Psychology; BA (Honours) Journalism; BA (Honours) Sociology; BA (Honours) Geography; and B.Com.


Like last year, BA (Honours) English is the most sought after programme this year as well, with 1,42,970 applications. With 2,460 seats up for grabs across 46 colleges, the number of applicants per seat is 58.


Among the 10 most popular programmes, the three with the highest number of applicants per seat are BA (Honours) Journalism, BA (Honours) Sociology and BA (Honours) Psychology. This is because far fewer colleges offer these courses.


BA (Honours) Journalism is offered in only seven colleges—Bharati College, Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, Institute of Home Economics, Kalindi College, Kamala Nehru College, LSR, and Maharaja Agrasen College—between which 306 seats are available for 1,12,233 applicants.


Last year, the highest cut-off in the first list for the programme was 98.5% in Delhi College of Arts and Commerce. The lowest in the first list was 92% at Bharati College. With 232 applicants competing for each seat, BA (Honours) Sociology, with 483 seats available across 10 colleges and 1,11,933 applications, has the second highest number of applicants per seat.


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BA (Honours) Psychology, for which cut-offs had gone as high as 98.25% last year, has 202 students applicants per seat. It has the sixth highest number of applications at 1,12,312 and has 555 seats available across 11 colleges.


Last year, the cut-offs had soared the highest in BA Programme, with LSR setting a 98.75% cut-off for the programme in its first list. This year, it is the third most popular course with 1,25,519 applications. However, it is offered in most Delhi University colleges — there are 10,756 seats available across 50 colleges. Because of this, the number of applicants per seat is 12, which is the most favourable ratio across popular courses.


The course which sees consistently high cut-offs across colleges in past years has been BA (Honours) Economics, with the highest last year being 98.5% in SRCC. The first cut-off list is expected on June 28.


Courtesy: The Indian EXPRESS


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