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The relationship between business and technology is continuously evolving in the current era of technology. New technology is evolving continuously to support business goals as organization comes up with new challenges. Business can attain higher level of performance and achievement with the right technology. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence bring about changes in most industries, making way for virtual supporter and myriad cases for automatization. There is a huge potential for smart homes and smart cities, through the implementation of  Internet of Things (IoT).


1. Artificial Intelligence:

Everyone knows a tad bit about Artificial Intelligence. AI products are slowly infiltrating our homes and workplaces, as science fiction begins to become reality. The biggest users of artificial intelligence are the online ad industry which uses AI not only to track user statistics but also serve ads based on those statistics. Artificial intelligence is affecting our decisions and our lifestyles every day. Features AI such as the built-in smart assistants to the portrait mode in the camera; AI is impacting our day to day lives.


2. DevOps:

It is a software development plan which bridges the gap between the Dev and Ops side of an organization, for seamless delivery of software. It was introduced as there were limitations in the traditional model. Basically, DevOps can be defined as the association between developers and other IT (information technology) professionals. In the software developing process, usage of different operating systems causes, technical problems and makes the process slower.


3. Big Data Hadoop:

There was a time when Hadoop captured a sizable amount of the big data market and is still an important platform for data storage. As per industry prediction, the Hadoop market will grow up to $40 billion by 2021 and this will require skills to develop, direct and administer Hadoop implementations. To manage big data efficiently, new technologies emerge that enabled distributed data storage and parallel data processing. Apache Hadoop (with its HDFS and MapReduce components) was a pioneering technology.


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4. AWS Certification:

In the era of cloud, enterprises and businesses are racing to develop use cases that depend on cloud platforms and one such cloud computing platform, AWS has cornered a global market of 40 percent. Companies use AWS cloud computing solutions for a variety of business requirements. This list comprises of web and application hosting, big data storage and analytics, backup and disaster recovery, custom projects in promising areas like IoT and more.


5. Python Django:

It is the most in-demand and best-growing programming language in 2019. Python has considerably outstripped other languages in terms of community base of active developers. Python’s popularity has soared exponentially with the language being one of the requisites for an entry-level job.


6. RPA tools:

As companies race to embrace digital transformation with the RPA and other automation technologies, RPA tools alongside AI and cognitive computing have emerged as a critical skill set required to improve operational efficiency and facilitates the better customer experience.


Technologies are now in the centers of attention for all industries. The ever-growing stream of data may also present a challenge to business individuals. Both big and small companies tend to rely on big data in the questions of the intelligent business insight in the decision-making. Thus, this top 6 technology trend of 2019 is to serve a comprehensible roadmap for you.




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