Carry forward system reintroduced by Gujarat University

Gujarat University reintroduced the carry forward system which was withdrawn earlier.A student will be allowed to move to the immediate next semester if they have failed in the current semester as a part of this carry forward system,. If all the backlog is not cleared they will not be allowed to move to VIth semester.


The GU has in 2018 scrapped the unlimited ‘carry forward’ system which allowed students to ‘jump’ into the next semester till they hit the final exams! In a notification which will impact thousands of students, the GU said that it has reintroduced the carry-forward system. 


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The Gujarat University officials said that the system was reintroduced after a consultation in the examination reform committee. The members had opined that the due scrapping of the carry forward system, the drop out among the students was likely to increase and hence it was proposed to reintroduce the system.


The GU has in 2018 it was struggling with a huge backlog of around 15,000-18,000 final year students who have not passed in earlier exams. GU officials said that there are many students who were straddled with the burden of clearing as many as 10-20 exams. It needs mention that students are not given their final degree certificate until they clear all the backlog exams.


Courtesy: TOI


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