How IoT in Education is Transforming the Way We Learn

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the way of connecting things, especially devices over a network. Today, the growing availability of internet and the rising number of smart device users has extended the use of IoT beyond smart phones, laptops or desktops. With a new device being launched everyday in the world of technology, the interaction within the society has become a lot more convenient. Devices such as Smart TVs, Smart watches, Vending Machines, Alexa and Google Home, which operate on IoT and perform on instructions given by humans have simplified the daily tasks by linking most of its things to the internet.


According to a study by Deloitte, the current number of IoT devices users in India is around 60 million and will be increasing to 1.9 billion by the end of 2022. The IoT market in India will be reaching 15 billion dollars by 2020 and will be giving 5% to the global market, as per the reports of NASSCOM. With the advent of digitalization, every industry today is inclined towards the adoption of IoT, and the education industry is also one amongst them. IoT has transformed the learning lane smarter and has made the process of getting education easier. The way today’s world is increasingly associated via internet, IoT is enhancing the levels of education by providing every essential to the students.


Use of IoT in schools and colleges


Learning by using the textbooks or through verbal explanation is a traditional way of teaching, however, the students of digital India look forward to adopting creative ways of learning, which can grab their attention towards contents of the subject. Smart classes have been installed in most of the schools and colleges to increase the quality of teaching and this also helps the teachers find innovative styles of explaining the subjects, this way it benefits the students to understand the concept easily. Development of IoT in education is growing rapidly, so school systems are planning to implement IoT as part of the teaching process.


Using IoT to connect globally 


Easy accessibility to the internet and the technique of IoT has simplified the process of learning. Through IoT the students can get accessed to the online websites, MOOCs, and educational apps that have turned the way of learning into a wide platform providing a complete package to students. Gradually, online education is turning more appealing to the students as it is easily available at one click and is expanding globally. Students can acquire the knowledge and skills by learning various courses available through websites and applications. The applications are acting as tutorials by providing all the study materials to the students online such as uploading videos relating to the subjects and the professors or the experts discussing and explaining the topics. And using this technique of students are getting good personalized learning and they grab the level of information they want to know.


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The difficulties in searching for books, later waiting till the next set of the books are issued were the problems faced by the book lovers. But now the online connectivity has given relief to them by providing eBooks online. They can access to internet to read any book available online also, the printed books are available online. Through online websites, we can shop any book that we need from any corner of the world.


Learning languages using IoT

Learning different languages has become an easy task in today’s world because the language classes are available online for free of cost. Students can learn different languages from any end of the universe; this helps them in communicating with the people internationally. Also the students and the working class who do not have sufficient time to attend language classes can learn them by connecting devices to internet for example, if an Indian is going to Japan on any project there is no need to go in search of classes, instead he may learn the regional language of Japan through online courses.


Advancements in technologies and with the help of IoT, today the education has reached to every place in the world, making it available at any time and any place. The education industry is evolving rapidly and the communication between devices and the internet has transformed it to the next level.


Courtesy : Higher Education Review


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