Engineers should research on Rama Setu, Gita and Ayurveda

HUMAN RESOURCE Development (HRD) Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank on Tuesday asked the country’s budding engineers to conduct fresh research on subjects like Rama Setu, Gita, Sanskrit language and Ayurveda to find the truth. Speaking at the 65th annual convocation of IIT-Kharagpur, he said the country’s scientific and technical progress has a strong foundation in spirituality.


Pokhriyal said the world was taking account of Yoga, Vedas and Ayurveda. “Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world. Till date, no one could prove the existence of any other language before it. People make fun of us for saying this, so I urge the outgoing students to conduct fresh research and prove it,” he said.


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Lauding the efforts of ancient ‘engineers’ for Rama Setu, he said, “When we look behind, we remember how our engineers built the Rama Setu. Our upcoming engineers must delve into its study. They must conduct fresh researches to find out the hidden truth about it,” he said. He questioned Archaeological Survey of India’s view that there was no historical or scientific evidence to prove that Rama Setu was a man-made bridge.


“There should be research by new engineers to study and find out about different heritage marvels like Rama Setu to make the world aware about what we had built ages back,” he said.


Courtesy: The Indian EXPRESS


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