Exploring ebooks – Merits and drawbacks

Ebooks are nothing but electronic books which can be accessed online sometimes offline using any electronic gadgets such as desktop / laptops / smart phones / tablets. 


With intrusion of technology in every other field, educational institutions can no longer stay away from it and the merits of using an ebook over a physical book is a clear indicator that ebooks are here to stay. 


Ebooks can be accessed using ebooks reader. Though not mandatory, with the help of ebook reader users can make use of options such as bookmarks, highlights, notes etc., so as to get the feel of reading a physical book.


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Some of the ebook readers even provide the users with in- built dictionary and an option 
to adjust the font size etc.,


Let us discuss about the advantages & limitations of ebooks.


Merits of Ebooks:


With the above mentioned advantages and drastic technological transformation one can conclude that ebooks are here to stay and rule.  

However as every coin has two sides, ebooks too have demerits in addition to the merits mentioned above.


Drawbacks of ebooks:



It can be inferred from the above that ebooks has lot of advantages compared to its drawbacks. 
With increase in tech savy population it can be concluded that ebooks will find more users in near future.


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