U-Dictionary: Bridging the Communication Gap in Diverse India

Language is the dress of thought. It is what you call the expression of life, emotions, and aspirations. Our country known as the land of diversity has numerous languages too. Several languages might serve as a lingua franca but English has become more important and popular medium of exchange nowadays. The world has become a global village and to communicate effectively and exchange ideas, belief, technology, there at the moment is no better medium than English.


English plays quite a multi-dimensional role in the day to day life. English has become indispensable in this ultra-modern world. It is a major window of scientific and technical knowledge in the world. With the development of technology, there is also an increase in the need to learn English to meet the requirements of existing circumstances.


Catering to the communication needs of the modern world, U-Dictionary launched in India in 2016 with an aim to provide effective learning resources for English learners, to provide fair and equitable learning opportunities for the majority of Indian users, and to help them better improvise themselves. The app is equipped with English articles, games, and quizzes to help you strengthen your English level.


The app reached 55 million global installs on Android devices in August and has notably, surpassed Google Translate as early as in 2016, making it the highest-rated educational app in India.


In a country with so many varied languages, English has become the only linguistic commonality and is rapidly becoming the de facto mother tongue in urban families.


With a vision to reach each and every corner of India, U-Dictionary is available in customizable versions based on the 15 most commonly used languages in the Indian market, including Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, etc. which cover 93.78% of the Indian population. Notably, U-Dictionary provides two languages that Google translation has not yet provided translations – Odia and Assamese. U-Dictionary is far more than a dictionary!


Recently, through cooperation with the Oxford Dictionary, U-Dictionary has obtained about 617,000 authoritative entries in 11 languages. At present, U-Dictionary authoritative terms contain inputs from several authoritative dictionaries such as Collins Advanced Dictionary, Oxford English Dictionary, etc., totaling about 8.25 million entries. Among them, U-Dictionary has more than 2.45 million entries specifically for Indian users.


Owing to the applications of technology, our standard of living has gone up. Our needs are met with greater ease. Our world today is obsessed with doing everything quickly. With an aim to be one step ahead in technological advancements, the app not only supports multi-language and camera translations but it also features supports for “conversation translation” function which functions without even the need of using a keyboard.


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With rapid economic growth, technological advances and continuous digitization of the workplaces, the Indian labor market is aiming for a smooth adaptation. On one hand, there is skills shortage, and on the other, there is a demand for urban workforce, from cab drivers and delivery boys to peons and technicians, who are able to efficiently provide services to the Indian middle class and the elite, who prefer English. U-Dictionary solves the translation problems of low-level users. Users can communicate with other language users simply by tapping the screen and selecting the language. U-dictionary caters to all your translation needs in order to fit different scenarios such as studying, working and traveling abroad.


The functionality of the app is designed in a way where a user can communicate with other language users simply by tapping the screen and selecting the language. U-dictionary caters to all your translation needs in order to fit different scenarios such as studying, working and traveling abroad.


Creating a seamless user experience has been one of our biggest priority. Our interaction with other applications is very mature and the user experience is very good. The newly developed “magic translate” function will open a “magic ball” on the right side of the screen and one can translate from one language to another automatically while using different apps.


On a global footprint, U-Dictionary has successfully penetrated into 133 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, North America and Latin American, and secured the highest rate as an educational app on Google Play in Indonesia, Peru, Mexico, Columbia, and Egypt.


In India, the exchanges between state are easily restricted by language barriers, especially for migrating people. U-dictionary aims to break these communication barriers. The maximum users of the app come from the age group of 18-24 years making for almost 60% of the total userbase in India. Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra account for the top three highest userbases followed by Telangana and Bihar.


So, while learning and enriching your local and vernacular language is just as important today, it’s a well-accepted norm that in this era of globalization one cannot ignore the importance of adaptation to different languages and U-Dictionary is there to act as their vast treasure of knowledge.




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