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Singapore As A Study Destination For Indian Students

Singapore, though being a small island, it is both a city and a country. It is known as one of the prosperous city for over the decades. This city-state is a diverse nation with people from all around the world like China, India, Arab, Malaysia, and English countries. The development of the country and being an island nation Singapore is one of the fascinating destinations to people of different countries, also the education system of this nation is well-recognized all over the world. This country offers numerous opportunities to international students and is also, one of the most preferred study destinations by global students. The educational institutions in this nation give equal importance to both, education and talents of the students; the stage is open for all the students who want to excel in their talents along with the studies. This way the students find Singapore as a study destination that helps them transform them into leaders and achieve the desired aim.


Studying in Singapore


Among International students, Singapore has a massive number of Indians pursuing their higher education in various top institutions. The factors that make Singapore an ideal study destination for the students are quality of the education, modern facilities, and well-maintained campus. The universities and the institutions provide various best courses such as politics, law, engineering, arts, technology, business management and many more. Foreign languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean are also available for the students to study, and they emphasize more on the English language.


Following are a few reasons why Indian students choose Singapore as a study destination:


Expenses: Compared to other foreign countries, Singapore is less expensive in terms of college fees and accommodation. It has got good facilities for international students to reside and study for years by offering financial support during the completion of the course.


Extra Income: Students in Singapore are allowed to work in part-time jobs which can help them in earning extra income. This provision helps most of the students to utilize their free time and earn to make their life easier during the stay in the state, and also students get adjusted to working environment which will later help them easily get into the companies after the completion of their education.


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Scholarships: Government and private scholarships are provided for students with good academics to ease the financial burden of international students. Every scholarship has its own criteria’s to check the eligibility of the students before offering the scholarships, not only well in academics but also, students with excellent skills are also considered into the scholarship program. SIA Youth Scholarships, Singapore International Graduate Award, Amity Global Institute Merit Scholarship is few of the scholarship programs provided to Indian students to study in Singapore.


Better Job Opportunities: Singapore is a country with good economic status; the biggest sectors such as banking, telecom, and logistics have strong tie-ups with the universities and institutions which makes the task of getting a job easier. Few industries contact the institutions to provide internships to the students, this way getting a better job is one of the reasons for Indian students to pursue an education in India.


Nearest Abroad Study Destination: Fortunately, Singapore is the nearest destination for Indian students who wish to study aboard. Just 5 hours air travel between India and Singapore makes it the closest country for the international students, and with the easy connectivity and availability of flights linking both the countries makes it very easy for the students to clearly choose Singapore as the study destination.


Process for Student Visa


Getting a student visa in Singapore is quite an easy task, the visa is called a pass so, and the student visa will be called a student pass in this country. The student has to apply using the admission letter offered by the institution, and the process has to start a month before the commencement of the college.


Indian students prefer to study in Singapore because it offers best quality education in fewer expenses. The country supports the students excel in all the areas including their interests apart from education. Singapore also gives a lot of practical education to the student’s along with the theory; it makes them familiar with the industry before entering into a full-time job.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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