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UK education: A stepping stone for global opportunities

Each year, millions of students worldwide enter the higher education system, taking their first step towards a successful career. This constitutes a large contingent who even choose to cross international shores to study at institutions of global repute. Their reasons may vary – some may be motivated to pursue an education at the institutes best known for their area of interest while others may strive for the alumnus tag in order to gain an edge over their global counterparts.

According to International Consultants for Education and Fairs (ICEF) Monitor report, there will be nearly 600 million students enrolled in universities around the world by 2040. This begs the question – will there be enough jobs or entrepreneurial opportunities for the 600-odd million students to fulfil their expectations?

The job scenario today is highly competitive and is expected to only become more intense. Proper planning and preparation will determine success for future graduates. In terms of employment, a good education is the right starting point and is directly linked to a good job. The onus for successful placement is as much on the alma mater as it is on the graduates themselves. Globally, educational institutions have taken cognizance of this responsibility. The UK, and its higher education institutes, rank high on this crucial parameter.


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As per the Indian Graduate Outcomes, 2019 study by Universities UK International (UUKi), 51 percent of all Indians graduating from the UK says they earn above or well above the average salary. 60 per cent of Indian respondents surveyed credited their UK education for enabling them to find exactly the type of work they wanted to do, with 82 per cent saying they are satisfied or very satisfied with their careers. 69 percent of respondents said that having a UK degree meant they could progress more quickly than peers educated elsewhere.

The UK government has recently announced the new Graduate Immigration Route. The new two-year post-study work visa will allow Indian and international students in the UK to pursue professional opportunities for up to 2 years duration, after completing their education degree. The UK has a strong reputation for producing exceptional industry-ready postgraduates and is known to prepare the graduates for the international job market. The new two-year timeframe will give the graduates important international work experience opening up greater opportunities for them.

Sameer Pitalwalla, CEO – Culture Machine, and a UK alumnus from India, said, “Studying in the UK is beyond just what you learn at the university, (it is) the experiences that you get with the people that you meet.”

For interested students and professionals, the UK’s higher education institutes offers a variety of courses, such as sandwich courses with mandatory in-UK work time, giving them invaluable, hands-on experience in the country.

If you’re looking for international opportunities, a UK education will prepare you and provide the connections to help you be successful!


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