Mumbai teenage girls to represent India in Dubai for First Global Challenge 2019

Mumbai teenage girls to represent India in Dubai for First Global Challenge 2019

Geared-Up Girls, a team of five girls between the age of 14 and 18 from different schools in Mumbai will represent India in a robotics competition, ‘First Global Challenge 2019’, to be held in Dubai from October 24 to October 27.


The theme is ‘Ocean Opportunities’ and the challenge for participants is to build robots to clean up oceans.


“We are taking part in the ‘First Global Challenge 2019’ competition. 193 countries are participating in the competition. We are the first team of girls who are going to such a high global platform to promote robotics,” Radhika Sekhsaria, who is responsible for fundraising and programming, told ANI on Wednesday.


She said that they are building a robot that can “pick up pollutants from the ground and put it on a higher level”.


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Among the five girls are Radhika Sekhsaria who responsible for fundraising and programming in the team, Aarushi Shah who works on robot design, construction and electrical, Aayushi Nainan who focuses on strategy and construction, Jasmehar Kochhar who takes care of programming and strategizing and Lavanya Iyer who is responsible for robot construction.


“It’s a huge moment for us as our daughters are representing the country at a global platform. All of our parents are extremely grateful and overwhelmed at the same time. We do hope our girls can keep the nation’s flag flying high,” said Rohit Sekhsaria, father of Radhika.


With more than 2,000 students from 193 countries from around the world, the 3rd edition of the First Global challenge is going to be held in Dubai.


Aarushi Shah, who on robot design, construction and electrical said that the ‘First Global Challenge’ is dubbed to be the Olympics of robotics.


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“In ‘First Global Challenge’, we compete in robotics competition to see who performs better. We are given parts to make a robot that can perform a certain task. Our hope is to win and make our country proud,” Shah said.


‘First Global Challenge’, a not-for-profit organization based in the United States, which invites nations from across the world to send their teams to the competition themed on the greatest challenges facing our planet.


This year, the theme is ‘ocean opportunities’ and focuses on ocean pollution that negatively impacts marine life and global populations. It seeks to educate the participating teams about taking action to preserve our oceans and also throws up a challenge to the young and budding scientists to build robots to clean up the ocean of pollutants.


Courtesy: Hindustan Times


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