Germany, the Dream place to Work for Mechanical Engineers

Germany, the Dream place to Work for Mechanical Engineers

The increase in the number of mechanical engineering graduates along with the limited possible opportunities in India has led many engineering aspirants to think about studying abroad. The quality education combined with class-leading industry experience and the increasing job opportunities being some of the major motives behind why most students opt for Germany, Portugal and other European countries for further education. This shift indicates the willingness of Indian students to go beyond the subcontinent searching for better opportunities.


A detailed dive into the topic will help us to understand the industry-leading reasons behind this.


An Educational Overview: German universities have always been at the forefront of cutting edge research. This indicates the quality and innovation that the German universities have when it comes to the field of engineering. German universities work closely with industry-leading companies to give their students the best possible exposure in the industry. Most of all the public universities in Germany charge low or even no fees at all for international students. There are also numerous scholarships that the students could avail of to get further advantages. Universities and colleges in Germany thrive in a multicultural environment which makes any student to easily adapt to the academic system in general. All of this combined with the high standard and low cost of living in Germany serves as an invitation for many engineering aspirants to get a ticket to Germany.


A World of Opportunities: Being one of the capitals of the automotive industry, there is no shortage of opportunities for career aspiring engineers in Germany. Overseas’ engineers coming to Germany are being welcomed as immigrants and are filling many of the job vacancies there. The Industry-leading tycoons like Mercedes, Porsche, VW, all being headquartered in the country rolls out millions of automobiles per year. The possibility to work for all these brands also makes Germany a compelling candidate. Engineers from non-EU countries can now benefit from the new EU Blue Card, which gives highly skilled foreign immigrants the right to live and work in Germany. Because of the shortage of engineers, this group has low entry requirements at the moment. To get a Blue card one only needs a university degree along with an employment contract of 39,264 Euro per year.


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The Impressive Salary Package: Another big plus of working in Germany is the salary that you will be offered. For a mechanical engineer who has 2 years’ experience, the average annual salary will fall between 44,000 to 52,000 Euro per year. Even if you are working for a small company you still can expect a salary on the higher side of the 30s.If you earn more than 65,000 and if you are married or have children you can get tax exemptions also.


Other Opportunities: Even though you can consider the automobile industry as the Industry-leading industry in Germany there are other industries that employ Mechanical engineers like the aircraft industry with Lufthansa and Euro wings being the main players. Along with that, there are nearly tons of other big names from across the industry which operate in Germany.


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Even though it would be great to get that desired job in Germany there are some things that you should have with you in order to land that dream job. Germany has a very formal and defined application process that is quite different from many other countries. You need to pass at least the first level examinations in German. But if you are working for an international company then the chances of using German will be comparatively less.


Being a country Germany is, it is a dream prospect for career aspirants to go and work in the country. To be a prerequisite is the best way of being selected. We hope that this article will help you to understand the advantages and opportunities Germany holds in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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