Why Financial Literacy Should Be Included In Education

Why Financial Literacy Should Be Included In Education

Money plays the most vital role in everyone’s life and financial literacy is as significant as any other course because the sooner we learn how to handle money wisely is better for us. Strong knowledge of financial education not only builds a foundation for strong money habits in the future but also prevents from making any kind of mistakes which may lead to lifelong money struggles. Apart from the sense of financial freedom, a sound knowledge on how to manage money effectively may open doors such as investments, budget planning, debt management, and funding. As strong grasp of financial principles is the need of the hour to understand and negotiate the financial landscape, better participation in the economy, manage financial risks effectively and avoid financial pitfalls.


So here are some reasons which may inspire young minds to take personal finance education more seriously:

Encouragement to meet their own challenges: Learning finance from a young age has certainly its own perks. Understanding simpler concepts like debts and expenditure can save a few pennies to meet their needs which will incorporate a rewarding sense in them.


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Strengthens knowledge on financial products: Learning about savings, expenditures and other various services that revolve around money will help the students to face economic challenges at an early stage. Understanding debt management, use of credit and debit cards and other bank-related transactions will groom them into a more confident individual who can handle complicated monetary issues in the future.

To solve the plight of younger generations: Students lack any real-world experience as they remain completely unexposed to the outer world. Without any idea about finance and economics, they tend to feel burdened by borrowing and spending money once they reach adulthood. Having parents deal with their financial problems since the young age may make the students vulnerable while managing their economic budget as an adult.


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Promotes savings and financial independence: After learning the importance of saving money, students may tend to apply it throughout their lifetime. Inclinations to save more will not only help them to adopt profitable retirement schemes but will also aid them in any kind of financial crisis.

To take the right financial decisions: A person with a good knowledge of finance understands the economy better rather than a person who lacks financial awareness. Familiarity with the rise and fall of share markets and economic growth of the country can lead to some good investments paving many doors of success for the individual.

Gaining monetary skills at an early age enables people to demonstrate personal responsibility for their finances. Financial literacy is essential to help students save enough to provide ample income in retirement while evading high levels of debt which might result in insolvency, evasion, and foreclosures. The benefits of having such education are enormous and it is one of the best forms of education that one can acquire in a lifetime.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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