Top Soft Skills to Include in a Resume

Top Soft Skills to Include in a Resume

Today, soft skills are capturing much more attention than education in an interview. There is an increasing demand for candidates with good soft skills in the corporate world even if their academic performance is not that great. According to a few statistics, 75 percent of recruiters or employers believe that soft skills are more important than hard skills. Hard skills are what you get by training and soft skills are what you have inbuilt naturally, hard skills can be learned according to the job requirement. Today, most of the candidates fail in an interview due to a lack of soft skills even though they great academic scores.

The trend of hiring candidates with good soft skills is growing across the globe, and almost 93 percent of talent professionals in India have prioritized soft skills and the candidates are hired accordingly. Though all the soft skills are interconnected, which are the Top Soft Skills one should Excel to include in a Resume?

1. Communication

Written and Verbal communications are not only the skills one should shine out in, but listening is also one of the soft skills that an employer looks while hiring any candidate. In any career or workplace communication is the most prioritized soft skill as it helps you in expressing your ideas effectively to others. Having good communication with other employees is also a key element that helps in achieving team objectives easily. Good communication skills can bring confidence and clarity in your concepts and helps others in understanding them easily.

2. Creativity

Being innovative with work can increase your demand in the workplace. Artists and Designers are the ones who are hired mostly on their creativity. Also when it comes to writer creativity is in storytelling, the way he/she conveys a story that will grab the attention of readers. Creativity lies in the way you present your ideas and a skill that will make you look different from other employees.


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3. Problem Solving

Lawyers should always excel in this soft skill of problem-solving. The skill of problem-solving is a mixture of intelligence and creativity. The recruiters prefer hiring those candidates who can smartly resolve any range of problems. The situations and the reasons for every problem may differ therefore if an employee is good at solving any kind of conflict he/she may be prioritized by the employers.


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4. Teamwork

The most important soft skill is co-ordinating well with the team. As said before all the soft skills are interconnected, getting along with your team and working accordingly can happen when an n individual can communicate well in the workplace within the team members.

5. Time Management

Managing time and being updated with the work is also an important soft skill an employer observes in his/her employees. The employee is expected to work with time and be productive in the workplace. Employees who spend their time doing nothing are not at all entertained in the companies.

Soft skills are important because they highlight your strengths. When it comes to showing your abilities, soft skills are the ones that are being considered today during the hiring process. Hard skills can be learned anytime and at the workplace, they can be learned according to the requirement of a job. But the soft skills should be built by us. Today, the recruiters, employers, and HRs give more importance to the candidates with soft skills who can work smartly and effectively in achieving organizational objectives.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review


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