Mobile attendance clicks for colleges

Mobile attendance clicks for colleges

The newly introduced mobile attendance system for regularizing attendance in government-run higher education institutions and technical colleges, has resulted in drastic changes, especially for faculty members.

So much so that the attendance performance of faculty members have gone up from an average of 72% on July 17 to 98% average as on October 19.

“The new system has yielded promising results both for faculty members and students. We began serving notices to faculty members who were irregular and over the last three months such incidents have dropped drastically. Students have also started attending colleges regularly,” said Anju Sharma, principal secretary, state higher education department.

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In the case of technical colleges, 72.26% of the total faculty strength had marked their attendance on July 17. This steadily rose to 99.85% on October 19, according to data analyzed by the department recently. Of the 4,686 faculty members registered, 4,679 attended on October 19, it shows. Similarly, in the case of higher education, from 71.85% of the total faculty members attending work on July 17, the performance has improved and gone up to 97.72% as on October 19.

The improvement in attendance performance has also been seen in students pursuing studies in higher education and technical colleges of the state. Earlier, it was below 50%. However, after the mobile attendance system installed in various government colleges, there has been a change of about 27%.

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In the case of technical studies, from 45.03% attendance in July it has now reached 61.94%. For higher education, the student attendance has gone up from 39.60% to 56.19% in three months.

The mobile attendance system was introduced in July this year by the state education department. It monitors government college teachers on real-time basis using a web-based technology that keeps a tab on their daily activities while they are at work.

The number of notices served to faculty members for being irregular to work has dropped from 57 to 7 in case of higher education, while in case of technical education it has come down from 30 notices in July to 10 notices in the ongoing month.


Courtesy: TOI

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