How do the Technical Skills Help Graduates in the Workplace

How do the Technical Skills Help Graduates in the Workplace

Hiring skilled employees is turning as a trend in today’s growing industry. As the industry is evolving with changing technology, the companies are recruiting those candidates or graduates who keep their skills updated with the current market trends. The basic objective of every business or company is to gain profit, so the employers show more interest in appointing the graduates who are well aware and knowledgeable about the required technical skills in the workplace. The graduates with good technical skills are preferred by employers because they are considered to be better at multitasking. Technical skills do not only refer to developers who know programming, big data analysis or coding, it is also about knowing basic technologies like software, social media or using any online portals. The fact that many students still face difficulties in operating basic technologies like Microsoft, Google or Windows is surprising, but yes some of the students lack operating such basic software. The technical skills can be learned under professionals or an individual can also learn them by self-learning.


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Careers in which Technical Skills are Important are

Software Engineering
Web Developers
Sound Engineering
Database Management
Digital Marketing
Content Creators / Writers
Video or Photo Editing
Blogging and many more

The technical skills required for the graduates depend on the stream and career they chose and as the job demands. The employers hunt for the graduates who are well familiar with the essential technical skills according to the type of job they are offering. To make your skills stand out to highlight them in your resumes that will grab the attention of the recruiters or employers. Also, you can speak out about your technical skills during the interview.

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Importance of Technical Skills in the Workplace

During the interview when the employer asks – “What technical skills do you have according to the job requirement?” if you have no answer to this question then there is zero possibility of getting that job. Even if you lie about the skills during an interview it will be later examined in the practical tests held during the selection process. The demand for trained or skilled graduates is much more than the unskilled or less trained students. The major reason for this is the employers think that graduates who are excelled in technical skills required are more productive compared to others. For example, if two individuals are attending an interview in a publication for the post of photographer, the editor or the employer will show more interest in hiring the individual who has good editing skills along with photography. Because at times of necessity that individual can do the job of both. This will also prove that the employee is good at multitasking which saves time and money of the organization, also this will boost his/her level or standard in the workplace.

Delivering the right technical skills can reduce business risks. The right usage of technology can save a graduate from avoiding risks at the workplace, it may also get you recognition among other employees. Apart from this by having the right technical skills will make you more confident about work which builds a sense of comfort with the work you perform on a daily basis. Adding technical skills to your CV can empower your working skills which may provide you with opportunities for participating in leading projects of the companies.

To conclude, technical skills are gaining high demands in the market. The graduates or students who have good and right technical skills are preferred more by the recruiters because of developing technology and ever-changing industry trends.


Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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