How Gamification Can Enhance Learning Ability Among Students

As the education sector expands itself with the introduction of courses and curriculum almost every day, students are now being introduced with new and innovative methodologies to assist them in learning. With the penetration of the internet into our lives, e-learning is gaining much popularity among students and teachers due to its flexibility and advantages. One such notion of e-learning is gamification which is quite in trend being not only one effective way of education but also making learning more enjoyable. Motivating the students to learn through video games design this unique educational approach, encourage the students to learn through fun and games changing the context of the conventional education system.


The below-mentioned point will help to understand and analyze the benefits of gamification for students in the modern education system:


1. Effective and exciting way of learning: With a variety of courses to understand and implement, gamification makes learning fun and interactive. It not only increases their problem-solving skills but helps them to access knowledge that they can implement in the real world.


2. Increases the engagement of learners: By capturing the full concentration of students and by getting their undivided attention this modern methodology of teaching enhances their ability to learn quickly and efficiently. Build with the ideology to enhance the teacher-student interaction; gamification will create a stronger bond between them by creating a friendly atmosphere.


3. An exclusive learning experience: Taking away the students from conventional methods of teaching, gamification introduces them into a digital world that acts as a stimulating factor in learning. Apart from it, this unique blend of technology, fun, and education will leave a longer impression on the minds of young students increasing their memory ability and performance.


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4. Builds confidence and increases learning ability: With a more enjoyable atmosphere, the students interact more about their doubts and concerns as the relaxing atmosphere boosts their confidence and passion to acquire more knowledge.


5. Better learning environment: With rewards and points after completion of each subject, just like any other gaming application, it will ease the student’s mental state by creating keenness in them. As sometimes the failure leads to disappointment and depression among young students, this technique of teaching will take the burden away by creating a sportive atmosphere.


6. Incorporates discipline and enthusiasm: Just like the games, it will help students accept the feedback after a particular subject. Positive or negative, these feedbacks will not only motivate them to move ahead and try again for better results but will incorporate patience and stability among them. This repetitive way of learning after less score or negative feedback will make the students learn better by practicing more and more.


Although a recently acknowledged trend of teaching, gamification is slowly gaining its share of recognition due to its fun and interactive way of learning. Taking students to a stress-free zone by making learning enjoyable and effective, this technique of e-learning is being highly approved by modern educationalists and concerned parents. A new age concept, gamification certainly gives students more reasons to love learning rather than making it dull and droning.




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