Degree Courses in Biomechanical Engineering in India

Degree Courses in Biomechanical Engineering in India

Considered as a diversified subject, engineering is exploring its dimensions in almost all sectors such as automobiles, gadgets, infrastructure, healthcare and many more. The engineers, who want to pursue their careers in the medical and healthcare industry, can choose Biomechanical Engineering as a discipline to harness the possibilities of serving mankind. A sub-discipline of bioengineering, biomechanical engineering deals with principles of mechanics along with the study of biological systems. With the designs of functional prosthetics, specialized wheelchairs, artificial human organs, and new developments in healthcare, this particular field assists in adjustment, installation, maintenance, repairing and providing technical help for all the biomaterial.

Career Prospective of Biomechanical Engineering in India

The study of Biomechanical Engineering opens doors to many lucrative career options which are mentioned below:

1. Biomechanical engineer: This profession requires the incorporation of mechanics along with technology to improve the lives of the affected patients with artificial organs such as heart, liver and many more.

2. Rehabilitation engineer: This field focuses on physically disabled individuals to design therapeutic devices to recover human performance.

3. Clinical engineer: With an opportunity to work alongside a doctor, this profession possesses many opportunities such as overseeing databases and equipment records, and design of medical instrumentation.

4. Bioengineering Researcher: Dealing with laboratory work, observation, and analysis of medical processes this field discovers innovative ways to merge medical devices and technology.

5. Bioengineering Researcher: Dealing with laboratory work, observation, and analysis of medical processes this field discovers innovative ways to merge medical devices and technology.

6. Quality Engineer: This field ensures the quality and specifications of medical instruments before dedicating them for healthcare services


Eligibility Criteria:

To practice profession in biomechanical engineering, the student must have cleared 10th and +2 exam with 60 percent aggregate along with a remarkable presentation in science subjects like Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry.


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Course Description:

A field with the possibilities to explore the horizons of healthcare as well as engineering holds some exclusive specialization which will give the students the initiative about what subject to focus on in the future. Some of the major specializations of biomechanical engineering are mentioned below:

1. Bioinstrumentation: Study of design and development of equipment beneficial in diagnosis and treatment

2. Biomaterials: Study of the design of artificial human body materials and organs

3. Clinical Engineering: Study of medical products in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

4. Genetic Engineering: Study on the microscopic level concentrating on cellular activity to recognize the growth of diseases.

5. Biomechanics: This study deals with internal body movements, designing and developing materials to help proper motion inside the body such as artificial heart valves and joint replacements.

6. Medical Imaging: Allows the examination and analysis of the human body from inside by designing certain devices.

7. Orthopedic Bioengineering: Responsible for designing and developing products that assist with body movements, this subject creates replacements for bone, muscles, and ligaments.


Colleges offering Biomechanical Engineering Courses in India:

There are several top-notch institutes in India offering diplomas, under graduation, post-graduation courses in Biomechanical Engineering courses, we selected a handful of them who stand out because of their impeccable offerings.

1.Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
2. Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore
3. Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Kolkata
4. SRM University, Kattankulathur
5. Central University of Karnataka, Gulbarga
6. Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal
7. SRM University, Kattankulathur


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