uLektz Wall of Fame – Top 50 Research Guides across India

This December, uLektz Wall of Fame will be honouring Top 50 Research Guides across India for the year 2019, who has demonstrated excellence and innovation in their research field.

To recognize those, who in addition to research have got a very good record of publication, teaching experience and have produced many Ph.D holders, uLektz News will be profiling Top 50 Research Guides on its News Portal www.ulektznews.com.

Please send your nominations by completing the online form (http://bit.ly/ulektz_wall_of_fame_top50_researchguides) and uploading the supporting information.

Guidelines for applying are:
* Any faculty member who has completed Ph.D. may make a nomination.

* Requires excellence in teaching, collaboration with students in research projects, and active participation with students in professional activities.
* Good academic record, growth, and achievement in his/her area of expertise.
* Must have at least 5 years of teaching experience.  
* Research – publications in reputed journals, the guidance of research students and sponsored research grants.

* Selected faculty’s profile and photographs will be posted on our website.
* Soft Copy of Award Certificate.
* A Recognition and Testimony that will Enhance Credibility, Reputation, Pride and Raise the Visibility of Success.
* A token of appreciation for your contribution.

Mode of Selection:
* Submission of nomination is free and open to all faculty field experts (including arts, science, and engineering).
* The selection committee will evaluate the application form.
* Committee will then select the final list based on teaching experience and research achievements like publications and books.

Last date for acceptance of nominations: 20th Dec 2019
Announcement of Top 50 Research Guides in India: 02nd Jan 2020