Traditional Education System Vs Modern Educational System

Traditional Education System Vs Modern Educational System

Education plays a key role in the development of human civilisation. Since the ancient days, the method of learning is constantly evolving with time and is still going through numerous changes owing to the advancing technologies. All of us are quite acquainted with the traditional ways of learning in which education is imparted within the walls of the classroom to a group of students. However, with the intervention of internet and digital technology, the online platform is currently in trend taking the place of brick and mortar classrooms. Benefitting a wide range of students at the same time across the globe, the modern educational system has completely eradicated the space limitation of a physical classroom. Encouraging more student participation from every nook and corner of the world, online learning techniques are benefiting the students abundantly making it more preferable by the students.

Emphasizing on some of the advantages of both traditional as well as the modern educational system, this article draws a parallel comparison between them.

Traditional Education System

Traditional learning holds the use of conventional learning tools comprising of blackboards, chalks, books and pens. Confined within the walls of classrooms, students acquire education from teachers present in the classroom and get direct assistance from them in the time of inconvenience or doubts regarding the subject. Enrolled to the institution for a specific term or period, the students attend classes every day. Still followed by a huge number of educational institutions, the customary learning through classrooms has its own perk and worth such as:

Social Exposure: Getting exposed to a group of students from different places across the world will always be fun and relaxing. It will not only increase the sharing of knowledge but will encourage the students to learn more.

Extra-Curricular Activities: In a group full of same age groups, learning can either be academic or other group activities promoting proper learning. Students can not only part-take in different activities but classroom learning will stretch their learning ability to the fullest.

Proper Guidance: The presence of a subject teacher is also beneficial as the doubts arise in mid-lecture can be solved then and there. It will also promote more students – teacher interactions which will add on to the learning capabilities of students.

Modern Educational System

Learning through different websites by the use of internet has arrived as the recent learning techniques. Overcoming the adversities associated with primitive teaching methodologies, modern education is imparting knowledge more effectively and more impeccably. Delivering knowledge through online platforms or websites, it has been able to attract a variety of not only students but also teachers to participate in technology-driven learning. Not constraining the deliverance to any kind of time limits or the number of students, the popularity and preferences of online teaching day by day. Still under constant modification to ensure the quality of education, online learning holds a range of benefits such as:

Flexibility: Due to the flexible timings ensured by online teaching without the limitation of a particular time period, even the professionals and part-time learners can get benefitted from it. Almost everyone is following a bust schedule and many people who discontinued their studies due to job-related complications have resumed their learning because of this digital learning platforms.

Lower Cost: Relived from tuition fees, admission costs, and other basic amenities associated with primitive learning system, digital or online learning is gaining recognition due to its effective lower cost. Students interested in taking courses abroad or distant places, do not need to travel or stay in the hostel but can continue their learning through the internet.

Wide Range of contents: Through online learning, students can select from the courses available and start acquiring knowledge. Providing a more diversified range of curriculum, online learning also bestows the advantage of choosing more than one course as per the interest of the learner.

Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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