Ways to Improve Presentation Skills

Ways to Improve Presentation Skills

Even the best speaker today had shaky feet the previous day. What the successful speaker followed are some simple rules of public speaking/presentation. In college, presentation is a big part as it prepares a student for future endeavors. In any course and curriculum, presentation on thesis or final year project fetches the most important marks. Many students fall prey to bad presentation because of certain unavoidable factors. It might be lack of confidence or practice. Knowledge gap, stage fright, unassembled slides and unprofessional attire also add salt to the wounds of a nervous presenter.

So, let’s find out how you can become a better presenter and hack the attention and emotion of the teachers.

1. Know your slides. If you want to give perfect presentation, you have to be thorough with everything you put in the slides. However, do not read what you have prepared. Go beyond that and let the teachers hear you out. Stay relevant to the topics. Create examples so that teachers can visualize what you are saying. This way they will understand the major points you want to deliver properly.

2. Neither Sachin Tendulkar nor Roger Federer could play textbook cricketing or tennis shots without hours of practice. In case of presentation, what would make it interesting are the hours that you spend for practice. You don’t need to think of giving a perfect presentation. But if you use the time before presentation in rehearsing and recording yourself and see what flaws you have. Doing this you can improve and deliver an ideal presentation.

3. Do you know your teachers well? If you do, ask them for suggestions. Let them help you out and show you the path. Have conversations on the topic of your presentation. This will enhance your knowledge and later you will be able to focus on the important points while preparing the presentation.

4. Reach the stage even before you are called. Show that you are passionate. You will feel relaxed and your tension will vanish automatically.

5. Try to gather positive thoughts to overcome presentation fear. If you think negatively, it will affect your presentation and it will fall apart. However, if you think that you are going to deliver the best presentation, then surely you will be able to do so.

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6. Speak clearly. Raise your voice when needed. Giving presentation in a flat tone is not recommended.

7. Do not just stare blankly while presenting. If you make eye contact at the time of presentation, then teachers will feel they are involved. It will increase their interest to know about your topic.

8. Mix your presentation with humor. If you stay serious all the time, then it will become monotonous. Use humor in the best possible ways to make a better presentation.

9. Stay prepared to answer every question and doubt of your teachers. There will be random questions thrown at you. Do not dodge those and answer at the end of the presentation. Be ready and give spontaneous answers. If you don’t know the answer (which should not happen), ask the teachers to elaborate on what they want to know. Surely you will be able to answer after that.

10. Stay confident. Sleep well the night before. If you don’t stay confident on stage, then your teachers will never listen or believe what you are saying. Only practice would boost your confidence level. Give presentation in front of your friends ahead of the presentation day.

11. Pause every now and then to stay focused. In between tell stories on relevant topics. But make sure to pause at the right moments. Teachers will stay hungry to hear more.

12. If you consider teachers present at the presentation as audience, you will feel a lot more comfortable. It will be a natural presentation.

13. And before going out, imagine that yourself as the audience and treat your presentation from that viewpoint. You will get to know how much engaging your presentation is.

14. Start practicing a month before the slot. Each day you will realize how much improvement has happened.

Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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