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A large segment of India’s potential workforce is unemployable. With 76.04% literacy rate and an increasing number of dropouts failing to enrol or complete any form of higher education, the situation is worrying. Financial constraints, lack of know-how about education funding schemes are some of the some of the key contributors to this effect.

Buddy4Study, since 2011, is endeavouring to bridge the gap between scholarship providers and scholarship seekers. As India’s largest scholarship listing portal, we help more than 1 million students by connecting the right scholarships with the right students. Backed by its robust scholarship search engine, it is the only platform in the country that allows both seekers and scholarship providers to access curated scholarship information across the globe.


Founded in 1998, has helped students find money for college as well as learn about the entire financial aid process. We are among the most widely-used and trusted free college scholarship search and financial aid information resources on the Internet and have been recognized by high schools, colleges and universities nationwide, among others. We’ve built solid relationships with colleges and universities across the country and want to provide students with the opportunity to not only find free money for college and interact with prospective colleges but to be recruited as well. offers a simple and accessible approach to finding and applying for scholarships for students of all ages. Our tried, tested and acclaimed search engine delivers targeted lists of scholarships for the investment of just a few minutes. There’s no quicker, better way to find free scholarship money. keeps you informed about the latest free college scholarships, grants, financial aid information and offers designed especially for students and their parents. We may make the information you supply available to colleges or our marketing partners.

blobid1578485986797 is spearheading the largest virtual network of 45 educational portals in India covered by more than 450 domain names including the latest .IN domain names. The primary objective of the network is to provide instant access to the latest information and resources on every facet of education in India.

The biggest and largest network of its kind is designed with a vision to cover the entire country with dedicated portals for 28 states, 6 union territories, 4 metros and 4 major cities of the country, supported by the main portals – and

Looking at situational realities and the instant need to gain practical information, India Education, with its countrywide ramification of 45 portals, has designed specific and dedicated slots devoted to the dissemination of information about the education at all levels – school education, higher education, continuing education or distance education.

A lot of capable students often fail to fulfill their dream for higher studies with the cost of education having become quite a costly affair. The need for scholarships is compelling and critical for our students more than ever before. There are many public and private organizations that aid capable students in need of financial assistance.

We have compiled an exhaustive list of such scholarships for students planning to study in India or study abroad. The list includes the popular scholarships offered by the state and central government besides that offered by Indian companies and international organizations to pursue academics in India and abroad.

ulektz Scholars


ulektz Scholars provides information related to scholarships for higher education. The main purpose of uLektz Scholars is to help and mentor young talented and deserving students across India to win scholarships to pursue their higher studies in reputed institutes around the globe. We at uLektz Scholars makes sure that the information or scholarship news which is available is up to date.

ulektz Scholars is a platform for talented students so as to help them locate the right university with financial benefits. ulektz Scholars website is updated on regular intervals. Our goal is simple i.e. to help as many students as possible with scholarships and simplify their scholarship search.

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