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Guidelines to Succeed In Off-Campus Placements

The final year of graduation bears a lot of significance in a student’s life. Marking the beginning of the exposure to the real world, it paves ways to start a student’s career as a professional. To land in their dream jobs, students try to succeed in the placement session by accessing opportunities through either on-campus, off-campus or pool campus drives. Often considered as a left out option after on-campus placements, off-campus drives come with its own perks and benefits. Providing a platform to the students for competing at a higher level and with more candidates, off-campus placements expose the students to different job profiles, distinctive career options, and better salary trends.

To compete with a huge number of candidates and come out as a winner in an off-campus drive is not a piece of cake. To seize the available opportunity in the upcoming placement session, the points listed below will certainly come handy.

Prepare an Efficient and Notable Resume: Resume is the first thing that comes into the notice of an interviewer. The resume speaks a lot about the caliber of the student. An impressive resume will not only make the candidate stand out in the crowd but will also draw the attention of the recruiter.

Research Is a Must: Candidates who are thinking about attending the off-campus drives should do immense research about the company. It will give them an idea about the recruitment procedure and standard cut-offs of the company. They can also look for the previous year’s questions and get ready accordingly.

Stay Connected Via a Network: Building a strong connection through friends and college seniors will expand the probability of getting a job much sooner. They will not only share information about the availability of jobs in their respective companies but will also provide you assistance and motivation to land in your desired job.

Log-In to Various Job Portals: In the current scenario, the internet is dominating each and every sector marking its influence. Through the internet now the aspiring candidates can log-in to various job portals which will provide information and guidance about the placements in advance.

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Practice for Written Tests: Practice can make anyone perfect. Aptitudes are quite an important segment to focus on and needs a lot of practice to excel in it. By taking mock tests and practicing the previous year questions of different companies will help the students to a larger extent. Apart from building their confidence to excel in the exam, it will also make them acquainted with the course outline and time constraints of the exam.

Work on Communication Skills: Communication is the deciding factor for any interview. By practicing mock interviews and group discussions with fellow candidates, students can definitely work on their communication skills and improvise it. Apart from that, it is also advisable to go through newspapers and news channels on a daily basis. This habit will not only perk up the communication skills of the students but will also boost their knowledge of current affairs.

Securing a place in off-campus drives will incorporate a sense of accomplishment among the candidates. This triumph of competing and succeeding among a huge number of candidates comprising of not only students but also the experienced and working professionals will instill confidence in the students. Good Luck!!!

Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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