How To Prepare Academic CV For A Phd Application

How To Prepare Academic CV For A Phd Application

From departments to supervisors, when everything is decided under which and who you are looking forward to pursue the PhD program, you need to submit an academic CV with the application for approval.

In the case of PhD degree, an academic CV shows your ability to undertake the PhD program.

A CV which is prepared to apply for a PhD degree is quite different from a regular CV or resume which is used for applying for a conventional job. The academic CV must give out details over your academic background and performance. It should include your achievements in the academic field.

The format of a CV for a PhD application is however simple and uncomplicated. Though there might be variations in different academic areas. For this purpose, it is better to talk with the members of the department to which you are applying. You should ask them the specifics needed to put into the CV. In common, an academic CV always has the detailed and subjected information of a student’s university undergraduate and postgraduate degree performance.

Many PhD applicants also mention their results of entrance examinations in brief. It is not mandatory to mention these. Only if relevant then you can add the same in your academic CV.

The following points are generally mentioned in an academic CV –

Personal and Contact Details – Name and contact details should be mentioned under this.

Education and Qualifications – You have to mention the educational qualifications in a hierarchical manner, first mentioning your latest degree followed by the previous degrees. Add any applicable qualifications or awards and prizes you won here.

Appropriate Work/Research Experience – Proper work experience both fulltime and part time or voluntary can be added here provided it is related to the PhD program.

Skills – Mention your top specialties and technical skills, IT skills and any other skills which would uphold the chances for your PhD program.

Responsible Reference – Write if you have been involved in any responsible works.

Conference and Seminars Attended – Showcase if you have attended any conference or seminars.

Interests and Hobbies – If you read journals include that point in the CV provided it is applicable to your PhD program. It will show that how you stay involved in the new developments in the department you want pursue your PhD. You can also mention any other hobbies or interests that you have.

Referees – You need to add atleast two academic references after taking permission from them.


These are one or two pager documents detailing about your work experience, education qualifications, skills and achievements. On record, when universities ask for resumes then most probably spend fewer time on those in order to get a general idea of how the profile looks like. Resume thus should be made concise and written for comfortable reading.

Resume Outlook

Phone | Email

Write in details why you want to opt for a PhD program.

List your academic qualifications and skills.


Mention the educational qualifications in a hierarchical manner, first mentioning your latest degree followed by the previous degrees. You can also mention theses, adviser, grades and entrance examination scores.

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List out the relevant work experience with details of your performance.

You can add all your skills which are not related to the PhD program.

It is important to add references for verification purposes.

CV Outlook

Phone | Email


Date | Postgraduate Degree, University Name
Date | Graduate Degree, University Name

Date | Degree, University Name
Accomplishments, Thesis, Experiments, Publications

(You must add all your research experience)

Date | Post, University
Subject taught, Role


Mention the grants you received and the awards you won.


Your name and name of the other authors. (mention only if there’s any)
Date | Title of the article, journal
You can mention the success of the article.


Mention the number of conferences you attended and the presentations you gave.

It is important to add references for verification purposes.

Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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