Why a Fresher Should Chose a Startup to Begin Career Rather Than A MNC

After completing graduation, many students aspire to land in their dream jobs as soon as possible. An ideal job in the current scenario not only holds a handsome salary and incentives but also owns a brand name and position in the global market. Encouraged to debut in the market with one of the leading enterprises, many students aim to get recruited by top MNCs across the world. Although some students manage to secure a position their desired MNCs, many of them feel de-motivated and depressed after rejection from top MNCs. They try to go to startup companies to commence their career. However, as a career advice for freshers, rather than a contingency option, a career in Startup Company as a fresher is actually a good idea rather than MNCs. Although there will be a comparatively lesser salary than MNCs, more working hours, and almost no brand name, working with a startup company can significantly boost the professional career of a person starting from scratch. With loads of projects and tasks to do, working in a startup as a fresher can enrich a young mind with knowledge and experiences which are beneficial for the long run.

Career choices for freshers are always a delicate concept, as the question ‘What Is the Best Option for a Fresher?’ is always on the table. To understand more profoundly the concept of beginning the career with a startup rather than an MNC, the undermentioned points can be of assistance:

Risks and Challenges: As the startup companies are new to the market, they remain in a constant urge to prove and establish themselves. The individuals with a thirst to prove themselves, a startup might be a good idea as here the resources will be less and work will be more. Working as a team and learning accordingly a fresher will learn to work under pressure and time constraint.

Recognition: In MNCs, the work will be huge. Therefore only a small part of the work will be allotted to each individual. In the case of startups, each one will have a fair share of work which will require a lot of time and effort. With huge responsibilities, an employee’s work never goes un-noticed in startup companies.

Learning Opportunities: In startups, an employee will get involved directly with each phase of work getting an overall idea about each and every framework happening throughout the production. In MNCs however, the story is different as the employees stay confined to their assigned work, limiting their learning curve. In startups, the learning opportunities will be huge which is necessary and important at the starting point of one’s career. Performing only a limited portion of work will not only kill the zeal to learn further but hinders the overall growth as a professional.

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Work Experience: The perk of working in a start-up is gaining experience which is nowadays a huge demand in the market. By showcasing the experience and skills learned during the initial phase of the career, an employee can easily switch over from company to company demanding a better paycheck as per his/her talent. Having worked closely in different projects will certainly give the employees an upper hand in the future than the fellow employees working in MNCs.

Transparent Work Culture: The work culture in MNCs is strict and forms a layered structure with directors, managers, and team leaders. However, in startups, the employer works closely with the employees inspecting and guiding them regularly. They feel trusted and valued as their opinions matter while taking an important decision.

Every startup is unique and possesses different significance and opportunities. Depending on personal preferences, one might choose to work either in startups or MNCs. But in the early phase of careers, it is advisable to go for startups as it will help the budding professionals to grow, thrive, and learn.

Courtesy: Higher Education Review

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