How to prepare for NEET 2020 in two months; tips and tricks

The National Testing Agency (NTA) National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is India’s most prestigious entrance examination that allows students to begin a career in the medical sciences. It’s the gateway for aspirants to enroll in MBBS/ BDS courses in our country.

Numerous students take this examination but only a few are able to crack it. A question that arises is, how are those students different from the rest or is it just the difference in their preparation that helps them crack this difficult entrance test? Many aspirants have proven in the past that meticulous planning and the right approach can create a smooth pathway towards their goals.

Instead of focusing on the difficulty of the examination, we will direct our attention towards its preparation. Here, we discuss a 60-day plan for preparing for the NEET.

Know your syllabus

The first step towards any examination is to be aware of the latest syllabus and prepare accordingly by skipping topics that are beyond its scope. While studying, keep a copy of the syllabus, in which all the important topics are highlighted.

Study schedule

Developing a systematic study schedule is the most important step for a foolproof plan for qualifying NEET. The topics should be demarcated accurately according to their difficulty level. Be clear about your strengths and make a holistic timetable accordingly. Divide the topics on each day in such a manner that some tough topics of one subject are paired with the easy topics of the other subjects. Set small goals every day and achieve them without losing focus. Reward yourself after every achievement, which will motivate you to keep going.

Previous years’ paper analysis

The previous years’ paper analysis will help in drawing out the important topics in all the subjects. This will also help in focusing on those topics that are frequently asked and lead to channelising your preparation in a progressive way.

Know your goal

Get a general idea about the score you need to achieve to gain success, for which all this preparation is being planned. The cut-off for NEET varies according to its difficulty level each year, but an average estimate can be calculated, which will push you to score more than the minimum cut-off. The previous years’ cut-off for the general category was 701–134 in the year 2019, 691–119 in the year 2018, and 697–131 in the year 2017. From this data, it can be estimated that the average score required to crack NEET is approximately 530.

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Regular practice

Studying is good, but practising is better. Practice helps you to sustain the knowledge you gain while studying. Therefore, an aspirant must practice regularly, on a daily basis. Analyse your mistakes and evaluate your performance on the NEET Scale. Prepare your weak topics again to improve them.

Time management

The biggest challenge in this entrance examination is its time constraint, as solving 180 questions in 180 minutes is quite difficult. Attempting mock tests regularly helps you figure out the best time management strategy and boosts your confidence level.

Time management tips

First 30 minutes: In order to solve the maximum questions in the limited time frame, attempt the easy questions first. You may start from the Physics/Chemistry section, where some problems may be answered by comparing the units of the options.

Next 60 minutes: Attempt Section II or III. For a few questions, where dimensional analysis fails, recognise the proper limits of the answer and mark the correct answers.

In some problems, the solution may not be obtained from a simple formula, and hence, we need to calculate the formula. At that time, try the cause and result method to chunk the problems and use the estimation rule.

Final 30 minutes: Try the difficult questions and revise the complete answer script.

Be directed not doubtful

Stay focused. Stick to your study plan and do not doubt your preparation techniques. Have faith in your knowledge about the subjects and do not lose confidence. It is the determination and diligence of the aspirants that pay off in the end. Don’t stress yourself and take motivation from your dreams.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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