A Brief View of Monuments and Sculpture Restoration 1

A Brief View of Monuments and Sculpture Restoration Course


Restoration (cultural heritage), is the process through which trained professionals clean, repair and restore damaged artwork. These types of artwork could include paintings to sculptures to even manuscripts. These ancient artefacts, monuments, and paintings are maintained and are given a new life by art conservators and art restoration or by Monuments and Sculpture restoration experts.


10+2 with History


1. Bachelor’s Degree – in archaeology, ancient and medieval history, world history, studio art, fine art, art history, or a related field.

2. M.A. in Conservation, Preservation and Heritage Management

3. Ph.D


1. National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property – NRLC, Lucknow

2. Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management, New Delhi.

3. Sinhgad College of Architecture, Pune

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