Five things students can do at home while schools, colleges are closed amid coronavirus

Universities and colleges around the world have been shut temporarily, and most of the students have been requested to vacate the premises due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

A number of exams and recruitment tests have also been postponed or cancelled.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind at such times is to avoid panic. All the exams will be rescheduled for a later date when the situation becomes better. The universities and schools will be reopened, and necessary steps will be taken to cover the syllabus.

If you are looking forward to useful means to pass the time while being in self-isolation here are a few tips that will be helpful to students.

1. Prepare well for exams: If you weren’t well-prepared for the upcoming exam, the pandemic has given you a chance to sit back at home and do some revision.

2. Learn through e-learning apps: Unable to go out to buy books or attend classes? Well, there are a number of e-learning apps that can help you study at the comfort of your home. These online e-learning apps have qualified teachers to make your experience fruitful.

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3. E-libraries: Online libraries such as JStor have given free access of their articles and researches to students during the coronavirus outbreak.

4. Develop a new hobby: Have you ever felt that the pressure of study doesn’t give you enough time to develop a new hobby? Unleash the creative being in you now. You can learn to play an instrument, make sketches or take some time out to clean your house.

5. Watch documentaries: There are a quite many noteworthy documentaries available online which can help you understand complex matters. Many websites are uploading the streaming content for free, take some time out to widen your horizon of knowledge.

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