ICAI CA Exam 2020: Important notification released for students undergoing training

In the time when the entire country is under complete lockdown in view of the onging coronavirus outbreak, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI, has released an important notification for those candidates who are already registered and undergoing articled training.

The ICAI said that the lockout in the country has resulted in closure of offices and bare minimum articleship training work being made feasible through online means. The Institute said that until further orders, such restrictions are going to continue till 14th April 2020.

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“Those who are already registered and undergoing articled training, are hereby informed that the period of absence arising out of said lockdown due to COVID -19 pandemic shall not be counted for the purposes of deduction of any leaves, meaning thereby that such period shall be counted as being on articleship training for the period aforesaid. Accordingly, the students who are already undergoing articled training and are appearing for May 2020 and subsequent examinations need not worry on this count for loss of any period not served during the above lockdown,” reads ICAI notification.

Adding further, the ICAI said, “Further, to ease out situation at both the ends, matters related to timing and manner of payment of stipend in the intervening period arising out of the lockdown ,may be mutually decided between the principal and the article assistant.”

Courtesy: TOI

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