Why Certification in AI and ML Can Be Your New Super Power

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been able to influence mankind with its futuristic distinctiveness and technological capability. Successful in displaying human behavior through the program enabled machines, AI is giving new prospects to explore the wonders of technology by combining the intelligence of humans and machines.

A subset of AI, Machine Learning (ML) is also an emerging trend of technology that deals with the automation of analytical data through learning and analyzing the previous pattern. By learning from the already processed data, MI has the ability to take data-driven decisions with minimal human interaction or intervention. Although in a developing stage, AI and ML have been able to surprise the world with their potential to take over the technology in the future making it a promising field for students to venture.

With lots of educational institutes providing certification in AI and ML, it is becoming easier for students to gain prolific knowledge along with first-hand experience in the field. Most of the students with a foresight to excel in these innovative fields of technology prefer to acquire a certified learning course that can help them to land in their desired technological professions.

Advantages of Certified AI and ML Courses:

Although the highly advanced fields of technology offer a lot of benefits of certification, some of the major advantages in some of the sectors are mentioned below-

1. Business Benefits: With the ability to consume and process loads of data, AI and MI can strategize product marketing and forecast sales figures. Analyzing past feedbacks they can interpret customer behavior and can derive the best solution for customer satisfaction with little or no human interference.

2. Optimized Data Entry: A role which the AI and ML are taking over is data entry process as it is a very crucial factor in many industries across various sector let it be transportation, healthcare, education, defense or finance. They not only avoid possible manual errors but also avoid plagiarism and data duplicity maintaining complete transparency.

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3. Improvised and Accurate Healthcare Facilities: Intervention of AI and ML in the healthcare sector has been a boon to mankind as they have assisted in relevant diagnosis, medicine recommendations, disease identifications, and many more. With maximum accuracy in medical practices, they have facilitated the fastest recovery of patients at an affordable rate without any complex medical procedures.

4. Efficiency and Accuracy in Manufacturing Industry: A sector with a greater demand for predictive maintenances, the manufacturing sector has been major benefited from the introduction of AI and ML. They assist in creating proficient and flawless predictive maintenance plans for various manufacturing sectors with higher accuracy and minimal chances of failures.

Career Opportunities:

As per a recent case study, it was predicted that AI is expected to bring limitless revolutionary innovations and technological advancements across many sectors boosting approximately 2.2 million jobs by 2020. Currently, many big brands use AI which includes some high profile names such as IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and many more. Various other sectors such as transportation, energy sector, farming, manufacturing, and finance are not only experiencing the outcomes of AI and ML- enabled process automation at present but are also expected to be benefitted by further up-gradation of AI in the future. Although the career options for holding a certification in AI and MI are anticipated to widen in the future, some of the most sought after career options are AI Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Developers, Machine Learning researchers, Data Mining and Analysis and many more.

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