C DAC launches hackathon for Covid 19 solutions

C-DAC launches hackathon for Covid-19 solutions

Researchers and students will now get an opportunity to find solutions for identifying, tracking and forecasting outbreaks of Covid-19 and facilitating drug discovery as well.

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), under the aegis of the National Supercomputing Mission, has launched a hacakthon to combat the spread of the virus. Researchers, academicians, startups and industries can visit to take part in the hackathon.

A statement issued by C-DAC said that, participants will have opportunities to win awards. The hackathon will be conducted in two rounds. In round one, the top 25 innovative implementable Ideas will be selected by jury comprising of eminent scientists and domain experts.

On selection, the proposers of these selected ideas will move to round two for proving their ideas by building a prototype for establishing the Proof of Concept. The proposers are required to demonstrate their prototypes and make presentations to the jury during the prescribed period.

In round two, the participants will be provided with access to Param series of supercomputing facility, data mining among others.

The hackathon looks for solutions with priorities including achieve better and faster turnaround time for testing and results, to identify, track and forecast outbreaks, to develop the drug re-purposing simulations leading to new drug discovery among others.

Courtesy: TOI

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