10 online courses for IT professionals to complete during lockdown

With the Indian job market being affected due to the coronavirus outbreak, companies are looking for people who are adaptable and up in their game. This is the best time for professionals to upskill and aim for that promotion or project they have been eyeing, despite the slowdown. Here is a list of courses in the field of information and technology. Those willing to take courses in emerging technologies in finance and management can read here. Meanwhile, here is another list for those wanting to enhance their soft skills.

Defense against the digital dark arts: Offered by Google, the course is available at online platform Coursera. It teachers cyber-security, encryptography, wireless security, etc. It is a beginner-level course and is around 25-hours long.

Computational thinking for problem solving: The course created by the University of Pennsylvania is provided by Coursera. The three-hours course is for beginners. It teaches the process of approaching a problem and creating solutions which can be carried out by a computer. It also involves learning about algorithms and the computer language Python.

Tableau Training and Certification Course: Provided by, the course is self-paced and accessed at Rs 9,405. It can train one in data visualisation and prepare for the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Certification exam. The course is best for software developers, systems and IT administrators, and BI experts.

Learn DevOps: The course is provided by It is 13.5 hours long and available for Rs 420. The course teaches how to deploy, use, and maintain applications on Kubernetes. The course optionally uses Kubernetes on AWS, thus basic knowledge of AWS will be required.

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Cyber security and X-factor: A 10-hour beginner level course available at Coursera, it deals with the unpredictable factor or X-factor of human behaviour and its impacts on cyber security. The course evaluates the Security Education, Training and Awareness (SETA) programme, and why it may fail.

International Cyber conflicts: The third world war, it is said, will be fought without weapons. It can be a digital war. This course will help you learn more about national or state borders in terms of cyber spaces. It also teaches about characteristics of the cyber threats and conflicts, international cyber security efforts, and psychological and sociopolitical factors.

IoT system architecture: The course is developed by Waseda University and teaches how to design and evaluate architecture through IoT and AI technologies. It is a five-week course and is free of cost; available at

Digital security and human rights: The course provided by Amnesty International through For this three-week course, one has to dedicate 1-2 hours per week. It is a free of cost course, however, a fee of Rs 3,708 will be applicable to attain a certificate. The course deals with the rights users have in terms of digital security and how they can protect themselves online.

Video game development: A six-week course with 3-4 hours of classes per week, the game development course by edX teaches developing multiplatform video games using the Unity game engine. The course is free of cost and does not need prior knowledge of coding. Class 12-pass aspirants can also pursue this course.

Ethical hacking: The course on ethical hacking staring from beginner level to advanced is available at The course fee is Rs 12,800, however, the website is providing several offers and free courses. Now it is for Rs 420. The course has 24.5 hours of classes spread over weeks. The course is for those who wish to secure cyber space but need to test their technologies and think from a hacker’s point of view.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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