Career in Artificial Intelligence: Job opportunities and average salary

We have seen rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence and related technologies in recent times. Use of AI applications for – Automated customer support systems, chatbots, and personalized shopping experience with product recommendations are common examples.

With the growth of Artificial Intelligence industry, we have also seen increase in demand of professionals who are skilled in this technology. The demand for AI professionals are more in – product companies for services like – chatbots, AI_powered visual search, and recommendation engines; companies that offer either offshore, recruitment or training services.

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Business have realised the potential of AI to devise new products and process to gain a competitive advantages by saving costs and time. The growing demand of AI professionals in sectors like – IT, BFSI, healthcare, financial technologies, and e-commerce, makes it a right time to enter this career field.

Aspirants who wish to make a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence can check the important steps mentioned below:

  • First, understand all about AI career
  • There are multiple job roles under AI field. Research about all and choose what suits you best
  • List down the skills required to pursue that job role
  • Prepare a comprehensive learning plan and practice to learn the skills required
  • Search for the companies that have openings for your chosen job role

Salary of an AI Professional

The average salary of AI professionals in India is around Rs 14.3 lakhs. Some if the mid and senior level AI professionals have a salary higher than Rs 50 lakhs.

Courtesy: TOI

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