5 tips to ace your video job interviews from home during the lockdown

Covid-19 has hit nations across the globe drastically and impacted the recruitment plans of various verticals. The changing circumstances have led hiring managers to step up their game amidst India’s national lockdown, making their interviewing process completely virtual.

Remote interviews have their own pros and cons and therefore, it is necessary for job seekers to be prepared for them. With the right preparation, your video job interviews can go as smoothly as your physical job interviews.

Here are a few tips to ace your video job interviews from home during the lockdown:

1. Be in a comfortable setting

Taking online interviews from home is the best approach. It is where you are most comfortable and can control all the elements.

Find a quiet area and make sure you are not disturbed.

2. Properly set up your devices

One should test their Wi-Fi bandwidth beforehand and check the speed to avoid any interruption in the interview.

What could be wiser is to have a backup option to resort to, such as a mobile hotspot, in case the Wi-Fi dies mid-conversation or if there’s a power-cut.
Install the required software and test it in advance. Interviewers rely on tools like Zoom, WebEx and GoToMeeting. It is best to use a laptop as it is more professional and makes a positive impression on interviewers.

Finally, you should allow access to your mic, camera and headphones and test the sound quality in advance.

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3. Dress professionally

It is very important to dress professionally for a video-interview. It reflects how serious the candidate is for their profile and towards the company.

Wearing formals will leave a great impression on the recruiters.

4. Speak clearly and precisely

It is difficult to hold someone’s attention on the other side of the screen. Therefore, it is essential to have your background story right, to be able to engage the interviewer about your work experience.

One of the ways to strengthen your speech and communication is to work on your body gestures and paralanguage.

It will help one to recognise where to take appropriate pauses and where to pace it up or rest the case.

5. Build on your storytelling skills

Online interviewing can tend to be one-sided and it is the job of the candidate to sell themselves. Turn your background experience into a story to create interest and make an impression with the hiring managers.

It is also very important to research the companies they are interviewing for. Ultimately, a candidate needs to display how they will add value.
It is imperative for candidates to present themselves well and showcase their strengths as they pitch for their desired designation.

These tips will help the interviewees to boost their confidence as they will make them feel well prepared for the interview.

Courtesy: India Today

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