From robots to no-touch doorbells: Students’ initiatives to fight coronavirus

A lockdown cannot clamp down on the creative wings of curiosity. Students across India are coming up with initiatives to help curb the spread of coronavirus. While some have created a system to avoid touching things of common use including buttons on a lift to doorbells; some have created high-end products such as robots to ensure the safety of healthcare workers.

Prithvi, the robot: In a recent tweet, CBSE appreciated the efforts of three students – Nishant Chandna and Saurav Maheshkar of KIIT World School Pitampura and Aditya Dubey of Modern School, Barakhamba, Delhi. They have jointly created a robot that can distribute food and medicine at the command of a remote-controlled application.

The door-bell project: Sarthak Jain from Modern Public School Shalimar Bagh New Delhi has designed a doorbell where one can ring the bell without touching it. The bell is connected to a sensory pad which senses a hand movement around it and presses the doorbell without the need for touch. He calls it The Doorbell Project.

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Face Shields: Amar Mohindra, a class 11 student, wished to make a “small” change. He has used 3D printer to make a face shield, which can prevent people from getting in direct contact with the virus. The student started with open source technology and a 3-D printer at home and has now collaborated with his friends in other cities, including Bengaluru and Trivandrum. The students have so far distributed over 500 masks so far. They are also collecting crowdfunding to make it available to others in need.

Toothpicks instead of lift buttons: Taking a cue from probably a Chinese video circulating on social media, several initiatives started in housing societies have gone viral. The lift is a common area and to avoid indirect contact with anyone, children had used toothpicks to press the buttons and then discarded them in a makeshift bin. Several Tweeple have used ear-buds and other things instead of toothpicks.

Courtesy: The Indian Express

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