No CAT required, here’s a list of online courses with IIM certification

The Common Admission Test (CAT) is not the only criteria to get access to courses offered by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). The B-schools offer various online courses; most of which are short certification programmes varying from one to three months.

Apart from the premier B-schools, there are other institutes which offer online certificate courses on marketing and business management. The candidates can check the digital learning platforms like,, to get details of courses provided online.

Check out the list of online courses one can pursue even during lockdown

Digital marketing: With e-commerce booming, a course on digital marketing may help one to get preference in securing a job in this field. The Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Jammu) is offering an online executive certificate programme in digital marketing with the course tenure varying from five to six months. The course deals with the basics of digital marketing, and various emerging practices in this arena. Interested candidates can apply through the website-

Apart from IIM-Jammu, there are many other online learning platforms which provide online courses on digital marketing, with some in collaboration with varsities. There are also courses offered in regional languages.

The offers a digital marketing course in Hindi. The candidates can check other digital platforms like Coursera that provide online courses.

Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship: As several students, after completing their academics, aspire to become entrepreneurs, the course on Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship is the new trend. Many institutes including the Indian Institute of Management (IIM Rohtak) is offering courses on entrepreneurship programmes. The course is provided through a blended platform, where most sessions are conducted online.

The highlight of the course is that apart from learning to become an entrepreneur, the candidates will also have a chance to pitch their business plans to some of India’s largest investor firms, as informed by the institute. The course is being provided as a collaboration between IIM Rohtak and Uptop – an online learning platform.

Meanwhile, the Strategic Management course will deal with global strategy, operational strategy and business strategy of various management-related courses. The candidates can apply through the website-

There are lots of other universities which provided online courses on Entrepreneurship, such as The University of New Mexico, Tilburg University, Rotterdam School of Management. The candidates can check the varsity-wise online courses through Coursera and other online platforms.

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Global business management: IIM-Calcutta also offers this twice-weekly course for a year at Candidates will get a certificate from IIM Calcutta and faculty from the institute will teach the course. Learners can also avail a visit for two weeks a year. The course fee is Rs 3.7 lakh.

Candidates who possess a Bachelor’s degree or diploma with a minimum of 3 to 4 years’ experience can apply for the programme through the website-

Micro Masters in Business: Offered by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM Bangalore), the online Micro Masters programme in Business Management covers accounting, finance, operations management, people management, marketing, business strategy. The master’s programme will commence from April 27, and will continue for a maximum of nine weeks.

Daily classes of 3-5 hours can be conducted. The candidates have to pay Rs 70,000 as an application fee for the course and apply through the website-

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Kozhikode) has offered online courses on Senior Management Programme, Applied Financial Risk Management, General Management, Strategic Management. The Senior Management Programme will commence on June 28, 2020. The programme will equip participants with general management responsibilities and critical capabilities that are crucial to sustaining in the competitive global markets. The fees for the online course is Rs 4,50,000.

Apart from IIMs, other prominent B-schools in India offer short-term online programmes in various fields of Strategy Management, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Organisation Behaviour, Information Technology.

The Xavier School of Management (XLRI) provides online certificate courses in Business Analytics, Transformational Leadership, Blockchain for Senior Managers, Digital Marketing, Project Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Talent Management, Strategic Performance Management.

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA) Ahmedabad also offers various online short certificate courses with duration valid up to two to four months.

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