Top ways of Boosting your Chances of Landing a Job Post Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard. People are uncertain about their jobs and already have started searching for new jobs. Across industries, the scenario is not looking good as layoffs, shutdowns, cutbacks and salary deduction are taking place. Every nation has imposed an emergency for battling Coronavirus leading to uncertain conditions for the working class. With layoffs knocking already, recession could become a real zone.

However, it is not time to panic. Those who are in job search know a part of theindustry is in need of workers while others may not. If you are not in search of a job but planning to start post COVID-19 pandemic, consider the following points –

Start Online Networking – Enough information about specific job vacancies is what you will need in the coming days after the COVID-19 pandemic. How to collect them and stay aligned to the industry demands? Well, one way to do so is by starting online networking. Connect with people across professional platforms via the internet and start querying. Search for job professional groups in social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. You will be amazed to find a lot of individuals advising on how to progress further. Remember to keep yourself visible to top executives, CEOs, Directors, Human Resource teams on these platforms by regularly commenting on the posts.

Re-Skill Yourself –It is needed to reskill yourself – it is the ideal time to do it. There are plenty of online programs from where you can learn new technologies, tools or skills according to job descriptions posted by companies. For example – you are someone changing the career path from marketing to technology. Then learn a programming language that is relevant to the industry specifications is important. Online learning sites like Udemy, Coursera, or Simplilearn are providing certified courses that are delivered by experienced academicians and professionals. Join one and improve your odds of getting hired.

Stay Ready –It is a period when employers will be searching for individuals who are more than 100 percent ready to offer solutions to existing or coming problems for their companies. For giving yourself a chance ahead of others stay ready to offer solutions whenever required. This way you will uphold your importance of being a part of the team. During interviews, you might be dropped into real-time situations where you need to exhibit effective and efficient problem-solving skills. The only way you can clear this without any obstacles is by keeping yourself ready with accurate skills and proper knowledge.

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Prepare Cover Letters – As per the job descriptions prepare the cover letters well. Give the reader a chance to understand by putting in simple and complex readable words. Structure the sentences in a formal yet friendly manner through which the reader visualizes what you want to say. Keep it short and compose it by highlighting your strong points and uniqueness that you bring to the company. State where you saw the job advertisement andwhat made you to apply for the position of the particular company in brief. Greet the hirer in the end and also do not forget to show your eagerness for a reply.

Update Your Resume –Work on your resume before submitting it. While you have already upgraded your skills, you should not forget to add those in your resume. Mention your degree specialization. Further, do not hesitate to add skills, certification courses, extra-curricular skills that you gained during the COVID-19 pandemic. Helped people to fight Coronavirus during the lockdown? Don’t feel shy to exemplify those in resume under social work that will depict you as a responsible citizen of the world.

Companies are trying to find how to work through virtual mediums. So, do not get your motivations down, work on your strong points to remove blackouts from your professional character.

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